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Microsoft Viva pilot programs: Overhaul your employee experience while mitigating risk

Viva Pilots

Most senior leadership today is at least partially focused on ensuring that their organizations culture, productivity, and employee engagement are keeping pace with the competition. Microsoft Viva has emerged as a cost-effective and tightly-integrated suite of tools that allows companies to provide pointed solutions for many employee experience challenges. However, creating change in the employee experience space can be challenging, after all these products are designed to impact all employees and become a part of people’s day-to-day working experience. At Perficient, we see this challenge all too often, and work with companies to build strategies to mitigate the inherent risks and pitfalls that can accompany these rollouts.

The most effective process to ensure a successful rollout in any organization is to first pilot the product or feature being evaluated (Viva or otherwise). Every company is unique in their culture, willingness to change, and processes – and this leads to slight nuances in a product rollout that can mean the difference between a lukewarm or enthusiastic reception. By piloting a Viva module with a smaller, yet meaningful segment of your employees, we’re able to capture valuable input about employee attitudes, challenges, and usage that allow the production launch to stay a step ahead of common issues and deliver the most impact to all employees on day one.

Viva engagements that fail to assemble the necessary cross-functional teams face an uphill challenge from day one. Pilots help break down these barriers and provide structure to finding and involving stakeholders from all the necessary backgrounds to ensure success. Through a series of workshops and activities designed to capture and refine success metrics, deployment requirements, and training topics, a pilot process allows an organization to tailor its approach to its people and build requirements from hard data, not guesses.

A typical Viva pilot program lasts for 8-10 weeks, and provides all the necessary detail and planning to immediately run a production deployment when the pilot concludes. We see a much higher success and adoption rate for stakeholders who can come to the table fully prepared with the findings and plan from a pilot program. Typically all Viva modules benefit from a pilot engagement, but particularly those that have a more cross functional scope, or have significant privacy concerns such as Viva Insights or Goals.

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Steve Ottenad

Steve Ottenad is a Seattle-based Microsoft Practice Architect at Perficient. He focuses mainly on SharePoint, Teams, Viva, and Frontline Worker topics.

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