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A Pediatric Experience Success Story: Opening a New Digital Front Door

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While entering a new and highly competitive pediatric market, our client needed to offer an excellent digital experience. The health system partnered with Perficient to build a frictionless and guided experience that patients and families both need and expect.

Providing a Truly Patient-centered Experience

First, we identified site KPIs, developed target personas, built a digital roadmap, and audited site content. We then built and launched a fully redesigned website on the Optimizely platform, applying our strategic recommendations to optimize the website experience, navigation, and content for each targeted persona. This new digital experience easily guides users to relevant content and necessary actions.  

The fully reimagined site successfully:

  • Differentiates the provider as a child- and patient-focused source of care
  • Offers a balance between clinical and pediatric content
  • Equips family members with information from a trusted digital source of truth
  • Creates a clear path to online scheduling with a strong customer service approach
  • Eases confusion and frustration around tasks such as billing and insurance
  • Communicates additional available services of which patients may not be aware

READ THE FULL SUCCESS STORY: Opening a New Digital Front Door

End-to-end Digital Experience Expertise

Leveraging Perficient’s deep expertise in healthcare and Optimizely, we equipped this leading pediatrics provider with a seamless, easy-to-use digital experience that differentiated them in a highly competitive new market.

Have questions? We help healthcare organizations navigate personalization in healthcare, consumer experiences, and digital marketing with end-to-end support. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your specific needs and goals.

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Cassidy Rimmey

Cassidy Rimmey is a Marketing Coordinator in the healthcare industry at Perficient.

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