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Improve Employee Engagement and Communication with Viva Connections

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Effective and efficient employee communication is critical to the success of any organization. Microsoft Viva Connections, a part of the Microsoft Viva platform, has been making waves as a powerful tool for transforming the way companies interact with their employees. Let’s take a look into some key features of Viva Connections and discover how its changing employee engagement and communication:

Meet your Employees Where they Work

One of the most important features Connections brings is the ability to integrate corporate communications and critical information into Microsoft Teams. Whether your organization leverages a SharePoint Intranet, or the new Viva Home Experience – you can now bring personalized, relevant information easily into Teams.

Viva Connections Home



Provide a Streamlined Experience to Frontline and Mobile Workers

Frontline employees often times have dramatically different needs than those of information workers, and are often neglected by traditional intranets and communication tools. Viva Connections introduces a complete mobile experience that provides a streamlined interface and encourages curated content to meet the needs of frontline or mobile employees. Native integrations with Shifts, Approvals, Viva learning and more ensure that relevant information is front and center. Additional customization can be provided for specific audiences, allowing organizations to craft specific experiences for employees who need them.

Viva Connections Mobile

Provide Engaging Content with a Hyper-Personalized News Feed

Viva Connections introduces the Viva Connections News Feed. This new component promotes diverse and personalized content from around your organization, all in a single consolidated feed. Content from SharePoint, Stream, and Viva Engage (Yammer) are all presented in a unified component based on the unique preferences and activity of the user. This component helps give broader reach to existing news, and improve discoverability to content that is relevant to employees.

Viva Connections Feed

These three features enable your organization to provide greater reach, discoverability, and personalization using the content you already create. Boost engagement with the Teams application, target mobile and frontline workers with the dashboard and mobile experience, and promote content more effectively with the Connections feed. Perficient is a leading expert in helping clients to understand when to leverage these features, how to build a plan to maximize your impact with Viva Connections and define governance and policies to ensure they are maintainable moving forward. For more information about how Perficient can help build a plan to succeed with Viva Connections, contact our team.



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Steve Ottenad

Steve Ottenad is a Seattle-based Microsoft Practice Architect at Perficient. He focuses mainly on SharePoint, Teams, Viva, and Frontline Worker topics.

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