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A Health Equity Success Story: Building an Inclusive Patient Experience

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In the post-pandemic environment, consumers are expecting a more personalized experience. The pandemic exposed long-term, unresolved health disparities, triggering self-reflection across industries (especially in healthcare) to make diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority.

Our client wanted to take a proactive approach to ensure that marginalized groups were being reached adequately and equitably by its virtual care services. So, we partnered with the health system to develop a strategy, analysis, and new digital approach to make its future-state experience more inclusive for all its patients and their loved ones.

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Repairing Health Disparities Means Better Care for All

We performed comparative analyses and incorporated inclusive content, navigation, and terminology throughout the client’s website. To make the Find-a-Doctor experience more equitable, we added LGBTQ+ clinical subspecialty tags to its provider search filter to help patients readily identify experienced allies. 

This inclusive functionality, resulted in:

  • A 312% increase in appointment requests
  • A 425% increase in open scheduling
  • a 7,000% increase in provider searches that included “LGBTQ”

This new digital approach organically navigates users to the diverse and personalized content that they expect based on analysis-driven best practices.

A well-planned and executed strategy for addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion creates a healthier and more welcoming environment for team members to build patient trust, elevate consumer satisfaction, drive higher-quality care, and reduce health disparities.

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Digital Experience Solutions

With Perficient’s expertise in healthcare and customer experience solutions, we equipped a leading health system with a solution that reimagined the patient experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind.

Have questions? We help healthcare organizations navigate healthcare strategy and transformation, data and analytics, and solution integration and implementation. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your specific needs and goals.

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Cassidy Rimmey

Cassidy Rimmey is a Marketing Coordinator in the healthcare industry at Perficient.

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