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Addressing People, Process, and Technology in Manufacturing Transformation

Engineer Using Tablet Check And Control Automation Robot Arms Machine In Intelligent Factory Industrial On Monitoring System Software. Welding Robotics And Digital Manufacturing Operation.

This is the third blog in our series on trends in the manufacturing industry and how the Salesforce platform can address business challenges. Read the first and second installments. This post covers content from the 18:48 mark and ends at 28:47 in the below video.  

Whether you leverage spreadsheets for forecasting or are a larger enterprise using big data, sales agreements and other Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud capabilities such as forecasting and Tableau CRM are pragmatic, down-to-earth features that any client can realize the value of implementing. These features are fundamental to improving and transforming your business to start looking ahead and becoming data-driven. 

There are many ways to make business processes easier. Our guidance is to start small and find a single use case that matters the most. Once that use case is addressed, then look at other processes. Our clients aren’t boiling the ocean – they’re starting small and scaling from there, but also need to adopt this new functionality or process across the organization. 

Increasing Utilization By Addressing People and Processes 

Platforms are just one piece of the puzzle. Salesforce brings new technologies to the table with great features and functionality, but just buying a Salesforce license, standing up an organization, and finding a partner like Perficient to build are only part of the battle. 

You need to think about the people and processes too. This starts with identifying what your new process should be and how it needs to be done. From there, you need to train your teams to ensure the new process is adopted. One of the key benefits of working with Perficient is that we have a business unit dedicated to organizational change management (OCM) that we partner with on any given project to discover the best way to get teams on board with new processes. 

You can build a partner community, sales agreements, or the Salesforce platform, but if no one within your organization uses these new processes, it wasn’t worth it.  

Our Methodology  

Perficient’s methodology is what sets us apart because we sell services, not just the project. One benefit to this approach is that you get a team that’s skilled in the technology but can also build and deliver. This is our recipe for long-term success and enables us to build lasting relationships with our clients and maintain a 90% repeat business rate.  

We are a Salesforce Summit Partner with more than two decades of experience delivering digital solutions in the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, financial services, and high-tech industries. Our team has deep expertise in all Salesforce Clouds and products, AI, DevOps, and specialized domains to help you reap the benefits of implementing Salesforce solutions. Click here to learn more about our Salesforce manufacturing expertise. 

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Caitlin Koenig

Caitlin is the Marketing Manager for Perficient's Emerging Solutions portfolio and Salesforce. She lives in St. Louis and is a proud St. Louis Blues fan.

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