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Generative AI Turns Marketing Insights into Action for OEMs

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Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is on the news daily because it has huge ramifications for companies in all industries, but my eyes are glued to how it will affect automotive. The way I see it, there are two main categories for how generative AI will transform automotive: marketing and manufacturing.

This time, I want to focus on the transformation of automotive marketing with generative AI. There are huge advances being made to improve research and campaign implementation. Generative AI might not yet be able to completely replace the content marketing professional, but it can certainly be an incredible tool for inspiration and speeding up otherwise tedious tasks.

The Ultimate Content Booster

OEMs all view personalization as table stakes for success – without it, companies will lose traction with their consumers. Personalization is the cornerstone for the customer journey and lifetime customer value journey, but it requires an immense amount of relevant content for the consumer. The required volume alone makes this feat nearly impossible with only the help of humans. With the help of generative AI, hyper-personalization is finally enabled. At the same time, artificial intelligence is not just a plug-and-play. Rather, it is a framework created by humans who train the AI, ensuring the content produced is relevant to the consumer.

Artificial intelligence can be tasked with switching out content as soon as it is deemed to be below the threshold of required performance. Meta descriptions and tagging, keyword research, blog outlines, heading suggestions, and even image selection can be done with generative AI, allowing for a much quicker turnaround for content publishing and improved SEO. Copy can even be entirely written with generative AI, helping marketers consistently and frequently refresh website copy with the timeliest information.

Keeping Automotive Customers Informed in Real Time

When it comes to automotive companies, effective marketing means always providing the most updated information about available vehicles, dealership locations, and upcoming technology. Since the automotive industry is rapidly changing with autonomous, connected, and electric vehicles, among other mobility and business model transformations, it would be difficult to manually keep up with the changes to content without endless resources. Generative AI implementation also means it becomes much easier to create hyper-personalized advertisements and recommendations for visitors.

The Next Generation of Chatbots: AI Virtual Assistant

These capabilities become much more powerful when combined with robust customer relationship management, supply chain visibility, and inventory tracking that feeds generative AI with all the accurate real-time information it needs. A fitting example is generative AI fueling new automotive virtual assistants – the next evolution of chatbots on websites. These virtual assistants stay with the online automotive shopper throughout their research and purchasing process, saving their preferences and search history, and walking them through a user-friendly vehicle selection process.

Generating Real-Time Customer Profiles

AI can help harness the data from CRMs (customer relationship management), email, vehicle telemetry, human-machine interface, websites, apps, dealerships, and partners. This compiled data creates real-time profiles that tie back to consumers, creating consistent experiences between brand and retail and relevant experiences for consumers. OEMs have been wrestling with this massive data organization and utilization effort, which has historically posed a challenge for turning insights into action – an action that helps OEMs better serve their customers and create loyalty. Generative AI is the answer.

Put the Automotive Customer in the Driver’s Seat

Generative AI is the ultimate opportunity to replace product-centric marketing with a customer-centric personalized strategy, reaching the right customer with the right offer at the right time, no matter the channel.

This is just the beginning, but it is creating an exciting transformation for the automotive industry. Shift your automotive transformation into high gear by tapping into Perficient’s team of experts and our CX AI jumpstart.



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Keith Tomatore

A long-time senior executive in the auto industry who has held the position of SVP, Retail Marketing at Global Team Blue (GTB, a WPP Company) on the Ford Retail Business. In this role, Keith worked with the Ford Dealer Associations across the country to help them with their Precision Marketing and digital efforts. Also, he served as CEO of iFrog Marketing Solutions, which focused on Automotive advertising solutions for Tier 2 and Tier 3.

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