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Adobe’s NextGen eCommerce Event Series: Empowering High-Converting Shopping Experiences

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Adobe recently hosted its highly anticipated NextGen eCommerce Event Series in Dallas, showcasing cutting-edge innovations in digital experience for customers. Bringing together Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager, the event focused on helping organizations build unified strategies that create high-converting shopping experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to explore topics such as fast website performance, content-commerce personalization, and the power of true composability. With a growing demand for seamless and personalized experiences, this event aimed to equip businesses with the tools and insights to exceed customer expectations.

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Unveiling Composable Architectures

One of the standout themes of the event was Adobe’s evolution of its tech stack to support full composable architectures. By deconstructing the extensive commerce functionality within Adobe Commerce and exposing it through Commerce APIs, Adobe is positioning itself as a leading provider for the future.

Robert Sumner, Perficient Adobe Consulting Principal, praised Adobe’s approach noting how the integration of the latest Next Generation Composability Content Management product strengthens Adobe’s positioning in the market. This move signifies the commitment to providing organizations with flexible and adaptable solutions to enhance their eCommerce capabilities.

Harnessing the Full Potential of the Tech Stack

The event also addressed a common concern among attendees—how to leverage the full potential of their tech stack to enable their teams. Kim Czopek, Perficient GM of Global Commerce and presenter at the event, emphasized the value of partnering with Adobe in this regard, highlighting their expertise in helping businesses optimize their tech stacks. Attendees were given insights into maximizing the value of Adobe’s tools and empowering their teams to make the most of the available resources. The event served as a reminder that leveraging technology to its fullest potential is a vital aspect of staying competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Insights from Adobe Experts

Throughout the event, attendees heard from Adobe experts who shared the latest innovations in AEM + Commerce. Robert Sumner gave a detailed demo of Adobe’s Next Generation Composability product (NGC). Read more about this demo in his blog Adobe Next Generation Composability POC.

By delving into customer use cases, experts demonstrated how implementing content personalization within the commerce experience can drive business growth and velocity. This emphasis on personalized experiences echoed the growing demand from consumers and businesses alike. Adobe showcased its commitment to understanding and meeting these expectations, empowering businesses to create immersive and tailor-made experiences for their customers.

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The Future of eCommerce

Adobe’s NextGen eCommerce Event Series in Dallas was a resounding success, showcasing the company’s commitment to revolutionizing digital experiences for businesses. By integrating Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager, the event highlighted the power of a unified strategy across content and commerce. Attendees gained valuable insights into building high-converting shopping experiences, leveraging content personalization, and unlocking the potential of their tech stack. As Adobe continues to innovate and empower businesses, it is evident that they are paving the way for the future of eCommerce.

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