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Why You Should Have DAM Analytics!

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The Importance of a DAM

Digital Asset Management platforms are essential to creating a successful DXP tech stack. Many organizations are already using or making the move to Digital Asset Management platforms to efficiently store, manage, secure, and distribute assets. DAMs are meant to help reduce asset-related costs, improve workflows and support all your marketing efforts including but not limited to sales, marketing, personalization efforts, learning/education materials and more!

By following a maturity model, organizations can ensure they are following best practices, focusing on the right areas to optimize and maximize return on investment for the platform.

As part of the DAM Maturity Model, “Impact” is one of the five pillars we focus on when implementing and enhancing Digital Asset Management platforms. By defining KPIs and ensuring you have analytics, you can create a data-driven roadmap for your Content Hub.


Pillars of the DAM Maturity Model


There are two types of analytics you want to focus on for Digital Asset Management platforms:

Performance Analytics

Performance analytics tells you how well assets perform. This will tell your DAM or marketing team what assets are making the most impact, what type of content they might need to focus on creating, and other insights. A few KPIs that you may look at:

  • Orders
  • Downloads
  • Views/Reach
  • Share Via Links
  • Share Via Emails

Operational Analytics

Operational analytics can give you more insight into how your users are navigating through your DAM and utilizing assets, and give you more insights about future enhancements you might need to make within your digital asset management platform. Some KPIs and data you might review:

Search queries

  • You can look at search queries to see if any major metadata is missing to help locate assets
  • Look at what search queries occur with no meaningful action such as downloads or shares

User Journey

  • How long is it taking people to locate assets?
  • Do you have a group of people who need a special home page to improve workflows? Custom home pages are meant to improve user experience based on certain departments/needs for a specific group. Do they only work with a subset of assets? Do they only need to create assets and not download any?
  • What are the friction points for your DAM experience? Can they not find the assets they are looking for quickly enough? Have you conducted user research to see how your DAM can better serve your departments?

Analytic Tools

Content Hub DAM comes with reporting and audit logs that you can utilize to create custom reporting with graphs and charts.

You can also utilize GTM and GA4. This will give more insights into downloads, search terms, user experience, and how people navigate through your site. You can evaluate which assets might be able to be archived, additional metadata, and more.

You can also use tools such HotJar which includes user recordings, heat maps, rage clicks, user surveys and more.

The Benefits

There are two key benefits you will see from tracking impact with Content Hub:

  • Data-Driven Roadmap. By analyzing performance and operational analytics – you get to make smarter decisions for your content hub. You can get insights into what assets you need to focus on creating if you need to upgrade, what features to focus on your users and other key aspects for DAM.
  • Maximize ROI. The investment an organization makes for a digital asset management platform is not a small one. By tracking analytics, you ensure you are making data-driven decisions and you can widely report important metrics to stakeholders. This in return will result in improved workflows and a reduction in costs for asset creation and distribution.

Looking for a partner to walk the journey with you? Contact Perficient today.

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