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5 Reasons to Get Excited for our LinkedIn Live Event on Proactive Women’s Health

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Did you know that while women make 90% of household healthcare decisions, 66% of them feel misunderstood by the healthcare industry. Despite being such a large stakeholder group in healthcare, their unique needs tend to be misunderstood and overlooked. Healthcare organizations and life sciences leaders can impact change and improve women’s care experiences through thoughtful segmentation, digital innovation, and much more.

On May 15th at 11:00 AM CT, we will be having a LinkedIn live discussion with leaders from Perficient, GoHealth Urgent Care, American Cancer Society, and BD on inspiring and supporting proactive women’s health. Timed to coincide with National Women’s Health Week, our conversation will explore ways the health ecosystem seeks to better understand women’s needs and to better support a meaningful care journey.

I connected with each of our five incredible panelists to ask what they are excited to discuss on the panel. I loved getting to learn more about their backgrounds and focus areas through their responses, and I’m sure you will too!

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Sarah Arora | LinkedIn 

“I’m looking forward to participating in this panel on women’s health. Women have driven decision-making in healthcare for centuries, and it will be exciting to explore how the industry has not only served them but also let them down in some important ways. I can’t wait to have a robust discussion with my fellow panelists!” – Sarah Arora, Chief Growth Officer at GoHealth Urgent Care

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Barbara Rhodes | LinkedIn

“I’m thrilled to participate in Perficient’s May 15th panel discussion exploring ways to support women’s health through digital. It will be especially interesting to discuss the truths about health care consumers and women as caregivers for themselves and their families.

Our recent research has shown that in many instances caregiving is a family affair, including sons, husbands, and fathers along with daughters, sisters, and mothers. I am looking forward to sharing and learning about how we can use digital experiences to inspire and support all these consumers throughout their journey.”- Barbara Rhodes, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Home Care DTC, Urology & Critical Care at Becton Dickinson

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Kathleen Goss, PhD | LinkedIn

“I’m really proud to be a panelist for Perficient’s LinkedIn live event on women’s health on May 15th. We’re going to have a great discussion and cover a wide range of topics, but I’m most looking forward to digging into the barriers that women face to get the healthcare they deserve, and they need. Join us! – Kathleen Goss, PhD, SVP, Partnerships & Capacity Building at the American Cancer Society


Chandra Craven | LinkedIn | Blogs

“As a digital healthcare strategist and marketer for over 25 years, I’ve spent my career working to ensure women and marginalized community voices were considered and included in marketing efforts.

I’m excited to be a part of Perficient’s panel discussion on May 15th and look forward to exploring the concepts of intersectionality, segmentation, and how it’s time for marketers to see women not as a monolith but an array of unique experiences.” – Chandra Craven, Senior Healthcare Strategist, DE&I Lead at Perficient

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Marlana Voerster | LinkedIn | Blogs

“I’m excited to hear how our group of panelists from across the healthcare ecosystem approach and advance proactive women’s health. As a healthcare strategist, I’m passionate about helping organizations define and implement optimized patient journeys.

I look forward to exploring topics such as how women research select care for themselves and their families, what kinds of experiences they are seeking in both digital and physical spaces, and how we as marketers can best support these efforts. This will no doubt lead to an enlightening conversation on May 15th!” – Marlana Voerster, Senior Strategist at Perficient

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Raising Visibility and Funding for Women-led Cancer Research

In celebration of this event, we’ve set a goal to raise $5,000 in support of American Cancer Society’s ResearcHERS program, an innovative initiative that elevates women-led cancer research. The American Cancer Society has funded 50 researchers who have gone on to receive the Nobel Prize, and in 2022, Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi became the first woman ACS has funded to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Join the ResearcHERS movement and help us fuel the future of women-led cancer research.

Learn more and make a donation: Perficient Gives + ResearcHERS

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