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Choosing the Right Sitecore Partner

Choosing A Sitecore Partner

There have been a lot of changes in the Sitecore space and navigating them alone can become daunting. Evaluating your current investment and understanding what is available are areas that a partner can help support. You will hear many buzzwords that are trending in the industry such as headless, composable, and cloud. It can take time to understand what each of these are and how they can play a role in your tech stack. This is why picking a partner that stays current with trends and understands the impacts each of these can play on your business is important.


One of the biggest unspoken questions that I have heard from clients in my career is “How do I choose the right Sitecore partner”. The advice that I share with them touches on several key areas. Will the partner be an advocate for you and help support business decisions that will benefit you? Does the partner have experience in what you are looking to accomplish, if not, how have they demonstrated their ability to adapt to new technologies and take on new challenges?  Is the partner you are looking to engage with transparent? What tier is their partnership status with Sitecore? Do they support the community and team with MVPs on staff? How does the partner look to grow their team? Do they support their team by having them learn the latest and greatest and are they current with their certifications?

These are all questions and factors you should be looking at as you evaluate a Sitecore partner. A Sitecore partner can easily save or cost your business in the long run with your new or existing implementation. Having been a part of the community for over a decade now, I have witnessed first-hand partners that do not address these questions I have listed above. Some are looking to win a project but ultimately not looking out to support your long-term business goals.

How we can help

The philosophy that I share with our clients and the community revolves around support, transparency, and honesty. We want to ensure we have our clients’ best interests in mind. Helping them navigate an ever-changing digital ecosystem by becoming their trusted advisor. Finding a partner that understands this model can help support your needs through an ongoing basis will allow you to know what is new with the latest technologies and strategically choose a tech stack that will provide long-term business value.

Are you evaluating your partnership to ensure they are helping support your needs? We offer a team of experts that know the Sitecore ecosystem, how to support your existing investment, and can help plan a strategic roadmap that fits your budget and digital needs. Perficient is one of Sitecore’s original Platinum partners. Through our longstanding partnership, our team works with Sitecore’s product specialists to understand not only their current products but products or updates that have not been released.

If you want to hear more about Sitecore’s landscape, how we can best support your needs or some of the buzzwords previously shared, be sure to follow me on LinkedIn.

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Joshua Hover

Josh began his career as a full-stack .net developer with a knack for front-end development. Spending the last 10 years of his career focused on Sitecore and enterprise systems, he has helped lead large-scale engagements ensuring their successful delivery. He was awarded Sitecore MVP 2 years in a row and is committed to helping support the community. Today, Josh oversees the DXP MSO team supporting many of our enterprise CMS platforms. He helps support client engagements while helping support team initiates. In his spare time, Josh is the host of a Sitecore Podcast – Fireside.

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