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Perficient Celebrates National Robotics Week With Our Favorite Fighting Robot, Minotaur

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BattleBots is the most popular robot fighting competition in the world, and Perficient’s partnership with RioBotz and their BattleBots competitor, Minotaur, allows us to interact with STEM enthusiasts on a global scale. The seventh season of BattleBots premiered in January, and Minotaur entered the ring on a mission for redemption and revenge. Minotaur has defeated the competition with ferocity, going three for three for total knockouts this season. 

Minotaur’s incredible momentum has been exciting to watch and has enraptured our colleagues and Minotaur fans. Winning all three of their battles so far this season has added to the contagious fanfare as Minotaur continues their journey toward winning the Giant Nut Trophy. In honor of National Robotics Week on April 8-16, it is the perfect time to reflect on our favorite Minotaur moments from this season. We previously discussed some of the other ways Perficient advances robotics education and enthusiasm.

Here’s a look back at our three favorite moments from Minotaur’s impressive season performance as we anticipate their next battle on April 27!

1. Defeating the Reigning BattleBots Champion, Tantrum, During the Season Premiere Main Event

All eyes were on Minotaur during the BattleBots season premiere main event showdown. Minotaur had something to prove, and they did not hold back against Tantrum. They were relentless with their drum spinner and went shot-for-shot with the world champ. Minotaur had Tantrum spinning and on its head after back-to-back massive power blows. The battle lasted one minute 20 seconds, ending in a Minotaur win by KO. 

This massive win has continued to set the tone for Minotaur’s season. The bull was able to knock Tantrum down a peg, giving BattleBots fans a real show. It was also a record-setting win as it broke Team Minotaur’s four-season losing streak during their season opener battle. 

Discovery shared part of Minotaur’s exciting match against Tantrum via a Twitter video. Take a look at those slow-motion blows:

2. Surviving the Heat to Beat Free Shipping

Minotaur proved that if you thought it was just pure luck that they won their first battle, you would be sorely mistaken. Team RioBotz and Minotaur demonstrated skill and grit as Daniel Freitas, the expert Minotaur driver, put his driving abilities to the test against Free Shipping. Daniel’s impeccable maneuvering and decision-making during the battle made all the difference and led to another TKO win for Minotaur during the February 2, 2023, BattleBots episode. 

Minotaur took the offensive and played to their advantage of being smaller and lower to the ground to stay grounded and aggressive throughout the fight. Sparks went flying and flames burst from Free Shipping as Minotaur’s powerful drum spinner fought to defeat its competitor. The fire made for a visually captivating battle as viewers watched the bots go head-to-head. By the end of the match, Free Shipping even lost a tire.  

This battle showcased how Team Minotaur is competing at the top of their game and working to keep their undefeated season intact. Check out that highlight reel:

3. Epic Win From Behind Against Cobalt

What began as a rough start for Minotaur quickly turned into a legendary comeback for the raging bull. Minotaur did not bow down to Cobalt and endured significant blows and highflying aerials in the beginning of the match. Despite being catapulted several feet into the air, thrown all around the ring, catching on fire, and being turned on its head, Minotaur persisted and fought back.  

In the ultimate turn of events, Minotaur started to gain some momentum and ripped away Cobalt’s two long forks, causing the opponent to lose the upper hand. The battle went down to the wire lasting two minutes 54 seconds, ending in a Minotaur TKO win. This hard-fought battle gave BattleBots fans a run for their money! 

BattleBots shared a video on their Instagram. Watch the battle footage below: 

BattleBots is the perfect fusion of science and sport, bringing together STEM enthusiasts around the world to watch the global phenomenon of fighting robots. Perficient is proud to be a part of Minotaur’s remarkable journey, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. Tune into Discovery Channel and Discovery+ streaming platform to watch Minotaur face Witch Doctor on April 27. 


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