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Time to Celebrate Sitecore CDP & Personalize Specialization!

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Badge Sitecore Product Specialization Cdp PersonalizeThis past week was one to celebrate for the Perficient DXP team, as Sitecore awarded us their CDP & Personalize Specialization. Sitecore takes certification seriously and only recognizes partners with a Specialization if they have proven a deep understanding of the products and a track record of success on relevant projects. The CDP & Personalize Specialization is the third that Perficient has earned in addition to badges for Content Hub and Sitecore XP.

Even as a Platinum Partner with an experienced team and a lot of helping hands at Sitecore, most of our folks would likely agree that it’s no joke to learn these new products and gain the skills – and confidence – to deliver outstanding composable solutions to our clients. I’m grateful for how Megan Jensen and Tiffany Laster (my partners in strategic shenanigans) – along with David San Filippo, Martin Miles, David Morrison, and many others – rolled up their sleeves and dug in to gain a deep understanding of these new composable Sitecore offerings.

Delivering Memorable Digital Experiences

A meaningful part of our CDP and Personalize journey has been working with Infor, and Megan had the honor of co-presenting a session with them at the Sitecore Symposium in October. The session focused on the challenges global companies face in trying to deliver memorable digital experiences to customers around the world. Site structure, search, translation, currency, privacy, SEO, accessibility…so many aspects of this global project required careful planning.

If you’d like to learn more about how we tackled these challenges using Sitecore Personalize – along with XM and Content Hub – I highly recommend Megan’s series, How to Build a Global, Multilingual Website on Sitecore Composable DXP. She is in the process of building a practical collection of articles that, once complete, will offer a roadmap of just about everything you need to consider when planning strategy, designing, and building global, multilingual websites on Sitecore’s Composable DXP. She considers CDP and Personalize, of course, along with Content Hub, Sitecore Search, Order Cloud, Sitecore Discover, and more. I personally love a best practices approach, especially when shared through the lens of practical experience.

I also appreciate Tiffany Laster’s breakdown of the building blocks of Sitecore Personalize in Sitecore Personalize: Building Your Library. If you’re just starting to get your feet wet with this new way of thinking about digital experiences, it’s well worth a read.

More Insights

For more technically-oriented insights on CDP and Personalize from a Perficient thought leader, I highly recommend David San Filippo’s Understanding the Architecture of Sitecore Personalize & CDP. In fact, any of his posts offer valuable insight on understanding and successfully working with Sitecore’s composable offerings.

All of the work I’ve mentioned has been instrumental in building our product understanding and supporting our ability to earn the Sitecore CDP and Personalize Specialization. Continuous learning is an investment in Perficient’s growth and in the growth of our partners. We’re excited to have reached this new milestone on our long, successful journey with Sitecore and look forward to many more moments to celebrate this year.

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