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Meet Us at B2B Online 2023 to Discuss Journey Science and Adding D2C Sales

Justin And Eve B2b Online

We’re looking forward to bringing our experience in journey science as well as adding a direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach to B2B Online in Chicago on May 1-3. This conference brings together top B2B voices to share their insights on all things digital, eCommerce, and omnichannel through keynote presentations, workshops, and roundtable discussions.

Perficient will be on site and hosting two speaking sessions:

  1. Principal of CX + DM Eve Sangenito and Lead Commerce Strategist Justin Racine are presenting a breakout speaking session titled “Journey Science: A New Way to Leverage Data-Driven Customer Experiences That Can Boost Revenue and Increase Customer Acquisition by 150%​.”
  2. Justin Racine is also presenting a roundtable titled “Add Value, Avoid Conflict: How to Build a D2C Strategy That Complements Your Channel.”

Journey Science

Journey science is a relatively new concept that involves the study of customer journeys and experiences to improve business outcomes. It combines research-based insights with data-driven evidence to understand, predict, and optimize the customer journey at every touchpoint and integrates pieces of data science, customer experience design, and behavioral psychology to create a comprehensive approach to understanding and improving the customer journey. By understanding these journeys in detail, businesses can optimize their processes, products, and services to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

It’s an important area of consideration because customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex as they are everchanging. With the rapid growth of digital channels and devices, customers can interact with a brand through various touchpoints, such as social media, an app, email, and website as well as at an in-person location. Each touchpoint represents an opportunity to create a frictionless experience, positive or negative, and can impact their overall experience with the brand.


Targeting customers directly can provide many benefits to a B2B business, such as building stronger customer relationships and expanding into new or underserved markets. However, it’s important when looking at D2C that you determine if it will benefit the business overall. That means having a clear understanding of your audience, knowing how going direct-to could disrupt your existing channel, and if your organization’s infrastructure and technology can support this new approach.

When looking to understand your customer, consider what value you might bring to them, if you are really what they want and need, whether this is a new audience for you that’s underserved, and if the products or services are interesting to that audience.

Once you’ve asked yourselves those questions, it’s important to see if the systems you have in place can actually get the work done. You’ll need to look at third-party channel partners, shipping, product information and inventory management, and your internal processes

Both of these are big business challenges, so be sure to stop by our sessions at B2B online and connect with our commerce, CX, and digital marketing experts!

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