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Perficient Recognized for Capabilities in Oil & Gas

Refinery Oil And Gas Industry

In the post-pandemic age of political upheaval, supply chain volatility, and global market uncertainty, agility and efficiency are the oil and gas industry’s keys to surviving and thriving. Companies that command total control over their systems and production and adjust quickly to demand will leave slower and less capable companies far behind. At such a crucial turning point, oil and gas industries must collect and utilize all the digital solutions they can find for their toolboxes. 

Transformational Efforts

Swift adoption of the “digital oilfield” and other transformational efforts requires an IT solutions partner with deep industry knowledge and custom strategies built with the goals of oil and gas companies. With unique priorities like lowering emissions while consistently delivering essential products that customers depend on for quality of life, the pressure is high to find a partner to assist in implementing telemetry, data management, technical workflows, modeling and simulation, automation, and more.  

We are excited to announce that Perficient was recently recognized by a leading global technology research and advisory firm’s report highlighting notable oil and gas industry consultancies in the United States and the United Kingdom. The report pointed out that the industry is suffering from aging infrastructure and facing the daunting task of the energy transition. In response, companies are sprinting to tackle challenges related to analytics, the cloud, and other technology solutions. 

“We believe our inclusion in the report for the oil and gas industry reaffirms our commitment as a premier digital consultancy and partner to energy companies helping power the globe,” said Santhosh Nair, vice president, Perficient. 

Moving Foward, Perficient has been tracking a diverse range of challenges in the industry, from the accelerating transition to green technology and carbon emission reduction to the demand to cut costs and focus on data-driven business models. Oil and gas companies, therefore, require assistance in everything from change management to electric vehicle charging programs. For the best chance of success, these companies should consider a partner that offers the entire span of strategic end-to-end capabilities. 

“We are dedicated to providing unparalleled support and solutions for the energy industry to achieve its goals and drive progress,” said Juliet Silver, EMEA general manager, Perficient. “Our structure and capabilities are well suited for companies that operate globally.” 


Perficient’s intimate partnerships with oil and gas companies have allowed its industry experts to build an impressive base of knowledge and solutions tailored to global energy organizations. Many times, Perficient has enabled companies to ensure worker safety, improve workflows, streamline reporting, enhance employee and customer experiences, and reduce costs, all with strategically implemented technology solutions. 

Learn more about Perficient’s oil and gas strategy and technology solutions. 

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John Latham

John Latham is the managing director of Perficient’s Houston office, where he helps energy and utility companies achieve both near-term goals and long-term vision by leveraging a portfolio of strategic end-to-end capabilities. His philosophy is that people and ideas make things happen.

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