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People of Perficient: Meet Tom Mullins

People Of Perficient

Meet Tom Mullins 

Tom Mullins is a Delivery Director here at Perficient and has been a key member of our Commerce practice for 17 years and is in his 6th year as a delivery director. Tom is based in Allentown Pennsylvania and is a proud graduate from Kutztown University, where he has a master’s degree in computer science.  

Outside of work, Tom enjoys playing the guitar and caring for his pet bearded dragon. Before studying computer science, Tom was a semi-professional tap dancer for 2 years!   

Tap Dancing, Bearded Dragon, Guitar

Tom’s Passion  

As a Delivery Director, Tom helps clients provide better ecommerce experiences for their customers by providing them with solutions for their business needs with: 

  • Sales Support 
  • Team Utilization 
  • Marketing Support 
  • Resourcing 
  • Status Reporting 
  • Ensuring Project Success

Tom enjoys learning about the client’s business and coming up with solutions to help them improve their business and soar past their goals.  

Helping Others Grow Their Careers at Perficient 

Tom started out as an entry level developer and with the help of his fellow Perficient colleagues, like Greg Schaller, Tom has been able to work his way up the technical development career path all the way up to his current role as a director. Tom is now excited about helping and mentoring junior team members grow their careers into technical leaders, similarly to how Greg helped him. 

Most Satisfying Part of Tom’s Job 

Tom finds product launches the most satisfying part of his job and leaves him with a great sense of pride because it exemplifies the culmination of the team’s hard work. Seeing the growth of his team members as they progress in their careers is the only thing that makes him prouder. 

Why Tom Is #ProudlyPerficient 

Tom is proud to work at Perficient because of the talented and dedicated people he gets to work with and learn from on a daily basis and seeing all of their hard work bring positive outcomes for their clients. 

Tom Mullins

How Tom Makes a Difference 

Tom makes a difference in our client’s lives by delivering successful business changing projects with his expertise, leadership, and mentoring skills. Tom also makes a difference in his colleagues’ lives by mentoring them and helping them grow their careers. 

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