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Introducing our Partnership with Vercel

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We’re excited to announce our partnership with Vercel, a cloud platform that provides a seamless workflow for building and deploying modern web applications. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help developers streamline their development process and deliver high-performance websites and applications.

Vercel’s primary focus is on serverless computing and static site generation, allowing developers to build and deploy applications without having to manage infrastructure. Vercel supports a wide range of frameworks and programming languages, including React, Next.js, Gatsby, Angular, Vue.js, and more.

Some of the key features of Vercel include:

  • Instant deployment: With Vercel, developers can deploy their applications instantly with just a few clicks, and changes are deployed instantly, without any downtime.
  • Serverless Functions: Vercel provides a serverless computing platform that enables developers to build and deploy serverless functions with ease. These functions can be used to execute backend logic, process data, or perform other tasks.
  • Global CDN: Vercel uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content quickly to users around the world, reducing latency and improving performance.
  • Analytics and Monitoring: Vercel provides analytics and monitoring tools that enable developers to track user behavior and performance metrics, helping them to optimize their applications and improve user experience.

Overall, Vercel offers a powerful set of tools and services that can help developers build and deploy modern web applications quickly and efficiently, without having to worry about infrastructure management. We are also proud to be featured as one of Vercel’s Experts.

What Does This Partnership Mean to Perficient?

With CMS architecture’s moving to headless, Next.js has emerged as the platform of choice for building high-performing, enterprise-ready websites. As the creators of Next.js, Vercel is the natural choice for hosting Next.js applications as it gives the most robust platform available as well as complete support for your applications.

This partnership gives us access to Vercel’s training and support, allowing us to maximize the value of their platform when building solutions for our customers.

Our Recommended Platform for Headless Sitecore Implementations

As an Enterprise Platinum Sitecore Partner, Our Sitecore practice has already embraced Next.js and Vercel, with it being our recommended rendering host platform for JSS and XM Cloud implementations. Their partnership with Sitecore and Sitecore’s investments in Next.js through the creation of their headless SXA framework makes it the best option for hosting your headless Sitecore solutions.

If you’re ready to start your headless journey with Sitecore and Vercel, check out our Headless Foundation approach, which allows you to get up and running with headless in two to three months.

You can also read about our recommended best practices for headless dev ops, including how to set up the integration between Azure Dev Ops and Vercel to managing your build and release process.

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David San Filippo, Principal

David is the Prinicpal of the Sitecore and Optimizely practice at Perficient, David estimates, architects and delivers digital marketing solutions at scale on the Sitecore Platform. A 4X Sitecore Technology MVP, David has written articles for MSDN Magazine and the Microsoft Architecture Journal. He has spoken at Sitecore Symposium, Sitecore Virtual Developer Day, user group meetings and code camps.

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