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Seven Reasons for Google Optimize Customers to Move to Optimizely Experimentation

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If you are a Google Optimize customer, then September 30th is an important date for your organization. Google  Optimize and Optimize 360 will no longer be available after this date. Businesses that rely on Google Optimize will have to find a new solution and should start researching alternatives.

Optimizely, the leader in experimentation, is the ideal choice for Google Optimize users seeking a change. Not only is the platform endorsed by Google, but it is also the premier experimentation platform that evolves alongside your company’s growth.  Optimizely Experimentation provides a unified platform for expanding experimentation, driving innovation, and optimizing customer experiences. It allows teams to quickly comprehend data, uncover meaningful insights, and engage with your customers.

Google Optimize and Optimizely Experimentation are both popular experimentation and optimization platforms for digital experiences. However, there are key differences between the two:

  • Feature Rich: Optimizely Web Experimentation offers all the features you need for web experimentation. It enables you to run every type of experiment, create customized experiences, target specific messages, and make recommendations.
  • Integration: Optimizely Experimentation integrates with a wide range of tools, including Google products, while Google Optimize is primarily designed to work with Google Analytics.
  • User-friendly: Optimizely Experimentation has a more user-friendly interface with a visual editor that makes it easier to create and run experiments.
  • Accuracy: Optimizely Web Experimentation boasts a highly reliable and precise statistical model, surpassing the accuracy of other solutions in the market. Its ability to consider changes over time and avoid false positives in real time makes it stand out. The stats engine provides immediate, accurate results at a rapid pace.
  • Customization: Optimizely Experimentation provides more customization options. This allows users to experiment with web and server-side changes to perform more complex testing.
  • Easy to Implement: Eliminate the need for Google Optimize with a simple update. This solution is website agnostic and enables marketers and developers to experiment and test at every customer touchpoint.
  • Experimentation Length: Optimizely does not impose restrictions on test duration, avoiding the issue of limited exposure and insufficient traffic faced by 90-day tests. This allows for focused tests to be executed without constraints.

How We Can Help

Optimizely Experimentation is often considered a more comprehensive and versatile platform for web experimentation. Conversion optimization is about consistent, data-driven improvement to drive success.

If you’re considering how experimentation with Optimizely could help you improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates, Perficient can help. As an Optimizely Premier Platinum Partner, we have the resources and readiness to assist Google Optimize users with their transition to Optimizely. Our team of Optimizely MVPs is prepared to support you in achieving greater ROI by enabling your team, helping to develop your optimization program, and sharing best practices to shorten your learning curve — and your path to positive KPI impacts.

For those interested in learning more about our Optimizely Experimentation capabilities, reach out to me on LinkedIn or fill out our contact form.

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