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Megan Jensen Talks Choosing Perficient and Her 2023 Sitecore MVP Status

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As a senior solutions architect, Megan Jensen delivers excellent experiences to our clients and is always working for the betterment of her team. She is valued not only for her Sitecore knowledge but is an active member in our culture groups Women in Technology and Pride at Perficient, along with serving as a mentor in our Bright Paths Program.

Sitecore recently announced six Perficient colleagues have been awarded Sitecore MVP status for 2023. The MVP program is now in its 17th year and recognizes the most active Sitecore individuals from around the globe who share their knowledge with various Sitecore partners and customers. This is Megan’s second Sitecore MVP award in the strategy category. Below, Megan shares insight into her role, choosing Perficient, and her advice to future Sitecore MVPs.Mj I Love Sitecore

How do you explain your job to family, friends, or children?

The shortest answer is “I build websites.” The longer answer is I help businesses figure out what their customers want and I figure out the coolest way possible to deliver that information or experience to them. It’s usually on their website and usually uses technology from Sitecore, so it’s really easy and fun to do business with my clients.

Whether big or small, how do you make a difference for our clients, colleagues, communities, or teams?

Some of the most fun and rewarding moments have been working one-on-one with our clients, showing them the capabilities and potential of Sitecore products.

What has your experience going through the MVP process taught you?

None of us get here on our own. Every single one of us gets better at our work because other people figure things out, solve problems, discover workarounds, and then share their knowledge with the rest of the Sitecore Community. It’s our responsibility to do that as well. As we learn, it’s our job to share it with others.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an MVP?Symposium Talk (002)

If you have a little ‘stage fright’ over posting your first few blogs or speaking the first few times, seek out a mentor or someone in the Sitecore community. People are more than willing to proofread your work or listen to you talk first. I was so afraid of being wrong that it held me back until I had the reassurance of a colleague that I wasn’t misspeaking and got some solid coaching. Everybody in the Sitecore community, especially current MVPs, WANT you to succeed. We are in your corner and we’ll cheer you on and help you get there in any way we can!

Why did you choose Perficient? What keeps you here?

I work with truly smart, talented, capable people. They’re also fun, supportive, and unfailingly generous with their time and expertise. The folks at Perficient aren’t competitive. They’re kind, helpful, and happy to answer questions to connect you with the right people. This is how we all get better at our work and deliver really fantastic projects to our clients.

What motivates you in your daily work? 

If I do my job well, my clients will have solid revenue and their employees will have greater job security to be able to comfortably provide for their families. Honestly, that keeps me going during tough days.

How have you grown your career at Perficient?

Six years ago I was hired to be a writer! Soon after, there was a need for someone on our strategy team to fill a role on a Sitecore project so I raised my hand. I did a lot of homework, read textbooks, and filled notebooks on the weekends. Thanks to the patience and support of a lot of people within this organization I now have two MVPs and a lot of expertise under my belt.

How have you personally helped advance Perficient’s business during your career here?Mjpodcast Pic

I’m an enthusiastic Sitecore evangelist within Perficient. We have 50 business units and I love to do ‘Sitecore 101’ sessions for groups of new hires. I also do one-on-one meetings with folks from other business units bumping up against their first Sitecore project or for those curious about new Sitecore products they’ve heard about. With Sitecore’s composable DXP it means that these products play well alongside different technologies and our entire organization needs to have at least a working knowledge of the capabilities and potential of what’s available to our clients.

What goals do you have for personal and professional development?

Millions of women are reentering the workforce after the pandemic and many are reevaluating their career. I’m focusing a lot of my professional efforts on reaching out to these women and showing them that there’s an accessible, rewarding, and valuable career to be had in marketing strategy and technology, particularly through Sitecore. It’s our responsibility, especially as Women in Technology, to help others up the ladder behind us.



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