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Perficient’s Eric Walk Named an IBM Champion 

Ibm Champion

IBM has named its IBM Champions for 2023 and for the second year in a row, Eric Walk was named as an IBM Champion.  

What is an IBM Champion 

IBM Champions are individuals who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise around IBM products, services, and technology. They are committed to sharing their expertise with others to help them get the most out of IBM software, solutions, and services. 

IBM Champions provide answers to questions, gather content, organize user groups, and events, as well as assist others in the community to fully leverage the potential of their investment in IBM products and services.  

Meet Our IBM Champion, Eric Walk

To say that Eric Walk is experienced and well versed is an understatement. Eric has been at Perficient for 12 years and has worked on IBM projects for all 12 of those years. Eric enjoys getting to see his work make real impacts on business outcomes as well as designing and deploying products for clients. 

Although Eric has worked with IBM solutions for 12 years, the work never gets old because IBM software is always evolving. He says “the progress in just the last 5 years has been incredible, and there’s so much further to go. I’m excited to see the impact of the recent advancements in IBM software on our clients’ success.” 

A piece of advice Eric gives is to “think about the opportunity to maximize existing investment by taking your IBM software to the cloud as SaaS or PaaS. For those new to IBM, they’re not some old stuffy fossil, they’re doing innovative stuff and their platforms power the biggest businesses in the world for a reason.”

Eric is honored to be named an IBM Champion because it reinsures the strong working relationship between Perficient and IBM. 

This continued recognition is a testament to Perficient’s 20-plus years as a top IBM partner and my personal investment in the ecosystem over the last 12 years. We appreciate the close working relationship we have with IBM’s product and sales teams and their willingness to be open with us and incorporate our client’s feedback into their roadmaps and products over the years.

Champion IBM Solutions with Perficient 

We are a select group of elite Platinum Business Partners who can sell and service across all IBM software brands, which allows us to deliver comprehensive industry-focused and business-aligned solutions. Along with our IBM Champion, Eric Walk, we are also an award-winning partner that provides verified IBM solutions. 

Explore our IBM partner page to discover how we can assist you in creating value-driven and transformative solutions and your clients. And feel free to reach out we would love to hear how we can help you! 

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