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Set Up a Customer Site With Experience Cloud!!

Now a days Customers expect an online presence  form the organization, companies, and businesses that they are engage with. To meet your customers expectations where they are online, we can create compelling digital experiences. that support their unique needs. keep our current customer engaged with updated content and grow your customer base with accessible experiences.

What is Experience Cloud?

Experience cloud gives you the building blocks to structure and customize site and apps to help you accomplish your online goals. Using Salesforce Experience Cloud we can build CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) powered Experiences quickly in the easiest way.

What is an Experience Cloud Site?

An Experience Cloud site is a beautifully branded digital experience connected to your CRM. Experience Cloud makes it easy to create these experiences, engage customers, and empower partners. Multiple Sites and Experience Can be created using the salesforce Orgs. This gives customer an easy way to interact with the company from wherever they want.


Advantages of Experience cloud :

  • one can build marketing or corporate sites to engage new and current customers.
  • one can create a partner portal to connect with their partners.
  • they can build a customer account portal to personalize the customer experience for customer service and support.
  • help centers and self service communities can be created.
  • mobile friendly sites and apps can also be created using Experience cloud.


 To  Create an Experience Site :

First we need to enable digital experiences and assign permission sets to the users. If the Digital Experience is not enabled one cannot see the All Sites option in the Quick find box under Digital Experience.


Enable Digital Experiences :

1:Go to Service setup, by selecting on the gear Icon shown on the upper right corner within your salesforce org, refer the images below to navigate.




2: Type Experience in the quick find Box, This will show you the option of Digital Experience under which setting is located.


3: Select settings under Digital Experiences, click the checkbox to make it enable and save the changes made as shown .


4: Click on the Checkbox Enable Digital Experience: This will Enable the Digital Experience  and one can Create a site after Enabling the Checkbox.


5: Creating an Experience Cloud site: After Enabling the Digital Experience one can create a New Site, by choosing All Sites option under Digital Experience and clicking the New Button.


6: The Above Action Open the page shown below which gives user the option to choose a template. which template should we used is another question comes in mind while creating a website? Each Template has its own specification, pros and cons. As we are creating a site for customer here, I have preferred customer service  Template. This Particular  template lets user post questions to the community, search for and view articles, collaborate, and contact support agents by creating cases. It supports knowledge, chatter and cases.


7: By choosing one of the templates according to the requirement of the business one can start creating the website by selecting get start button.


8: Write Name which you want in both the below fields. Click on the create button, create a site Which can be further modified through builder.


9: Created site with name DemoCommunity. The site can be modified and published further Using Workspaces and Builder.


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Thoughts on “Set Up a Customer Site With Experience Cloud!!”

  1. Blog is very informative and gives the clear sight about the creation of an Experience Site. Thanks.

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