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My First Salesforce Meetup with Central India Trailblazers Groups


What could be better than getting in touch with others with similar interests and passions? I recently went to a Salesforce Meetup put on by the Central India Trailblazer’s Group. Gaining new relationships can enhance your quality of life.  You’ll have a larger support network that can appreciate your trials and victories.  And if one of your interests is learning more about a certain technology, being around people who share that passion may be a wonderful motivation. What an experience it was—it was my first Salesforce Meetup with the Central India Trailblazer’s Group! I’ll take you through everything for you.

The Beginning!

The event started by briefly introducing each guest and offering a warm welcome. The event began without delay, and we were all eager to attend.

Release Management

The first topic was Release Management by Bhushan Deshpande, a Lead Consultant. He told us about the traditional deployment and what are the various drawbacks of traditional development, and how switching to Salesforce-specific release management tools like Copado, Gearset, Flosum, AutoRABIT, and similar tools.

He also gave us various links to study further, which were very useful for DevOps Center, Copado, AutoRABIT.

Later we got to learn the best practices we should follow:

  1. Using feature branching and pull requests
  2. Tracking both configurations and code in git
  3. Enforce Git as your living source of truth
  4. Release smaller changes and release frequently.
  5. Automated continuous integration job.
  6. Perform code review



Design Patterns

The following Topic was “Design Patterns by Vinit Jogani.” He is a Salesforce Architect. I think a developer should be aware of design patterns that will help them in every aspect. Vinit Explained this complex topic in such a way that the new developers were also able to understand the concept.

We were told about the following:

1. Design Patterns

    1. General, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem
    2. A description or template of ‘how to solve the problem’ – ‘A Blueprint’

2. Classification and Sample Patterns

      1. Creational Patterns – Provides capability to create objects based on required criteria
      2. Structural Patterns – Organizing different classes and objects to form a larger structure
      3. Behavioral Patterns – Provides solutions for better interaction between objects, how to provide lose coupling, and flexibility to extend easily in future

3. Singleton

        1. A Creational Design Pattern
        2. Primarily used for Logging and caching-related implementation
        3. Gives global access to all

4. Factory Method

    1. Works as a Factory to produce objects
    2. Needs an Interface or Abstract class and concrete sub-classes

5. Builder Pattern

    1. Separates the construction of a complex object from its representation
    2. Provides a method to give to the concrete instance created for your need



Integrate Salesforce with CRM Analytics

And the last topic was “Integrate salesforce with CRM Analytics by Rajkumar Dorkhande.”

He is a Senior Technical Consultant. He taught us that Tableau CRM is a powerful cloud-based analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution on the Salesforce platform. It integrates Salesforce data with external data and provides the ability to analyze large datasets while performing predictive analytics.

Benefits of CRM Analytics.

  1. Determine the conversion rate of clientele.
  2. Better customer service evaluations.
  3. Accurate consumer data.
  4. Monitoring staff performance

Introduction Marketing Cloud Data extensions

Data Extension is a table within the application database that contains your data. You can use the data to run queries and pull information. Data extensions can be used in the Marketing Cloud connector. Import Marketing Cloud Data

Extensions into Customer Data Platform using our Marketing Cloud connector. Data Extensions can belong to one business unit or multiple business units. Data Extensions that belong to multiple business units are called Shared Data Extensions.

Quiz Competition with Swag Distribution

It was a fun quiz with the topics we learned in the seminar. Almost 160 people participated in the quiz. The quiz included the topics such as Marketing Cloud Data, Factory Method, Singleton, etc. In a very fun way, it helped us recall all the concepts we learned on that day!



Website, Logo, and Social Media Accounts Launching

We were excited about the launching of the Central India trailblazer community website, logo, and social media accounts. I am attaching the important links, and I insist you guys to please have a look and join our salesforce community.

As we all know how important Guidance is in the early stage, we believe that we can help people walk the path they choose. We also started a hashtag, #SalesforceSaturday which is the best for all the trailblazers who are new to salesforce and need guidance. #SalesfoceSaturday is a Series of Offline Salesforce Saturday Sessions, a program run as a part of central India Salesforce Trailblazer community groups, where we run knowledge-sharing sessions.


A Glimpse of the Event

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Important Links to Bookmark:

Upcoming Sessions:



Hashtag: #CentralIndiaSTCG #SalesforceSaturday

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