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Show Last N Month Data using single Date Slicer & What if Parameter in Power BI

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Have you ever had a scenario where you need to Display the last 6 month or 4 month or N months of data just by selecting a single date dimension in slicer, sounds difficult“?

Let’s me show you step by step how to display last N months of data just by selecting single date dimension in slicer.

(1)  Get the data in power BI desktop. Here I have Profit table and calendar table as shown below. Create the Month of Year, Month year no calculated columns in both date and Profit table.
Snap 1

MonthYearNo = YEAR(‘Date'[Date])&FORMAT(‘Date'[Date],”MM”)

MonthofYear = FORMAT(‘Date'[Date], “mmmm-yyyy”)

(2) The next step is to make a measure that will display the last N months. Let’s create a What If parameter called N with values from 1 to 24 and increments of 1. Place it in the chart as shown below

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(3) Create the Measure that will display Profit for last N months.

N month Profit =


SUM (Profit[profit]),

DATESINPERIOD (‘Date'[Date], MAX (‘Date'[Date]), – [N Value], MONTH)


(4) No let’s dive into visualization part. Create a Bar Chart with Monthyear column from Profit table on X-Axis and N month Profit measure on Y-Axis. Similarly create slicer using month of year column from Date table.

Now you can change the month in the filter, as well as the value of N and see the bar chart change.

Happy Reading & Learning!!

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Vaibhav Punwatkar

Vaibhav Punwatkar is a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient. He is a Power BI developer and Power BI service Consultant. Vaibhav is excited to share his knowledge about Power BI and is open to suggestions from readers.

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