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“Mind The Gap” How Oracle Journeys Filled the Space

Mapping a journey

During my 8 years of implementing Oracle Cloud HCM, I have found that many of my clients have shared a similar problem as they approached Go-Live. Months of work go into designing and tweaking so by the time the project ends, my clients are often subject matter experts. The issue they all face is sharing their newfound knowledge with their coworkers who will be using this system for the first time. Let’s be honest, using any system for the first time is seriously intimidating; and although Oracle is making efforts to create their very own Microsoft Clippy through Digital Assistant, there is still a real need for users to receive guidance on system processes and navigation.


Checklists have been a part of Oracle Cloud for some time, but these checklists have typically only been for the purpose of onboarding and offboarding. Journeys allows administrators to create checklists not just for onboarding or offboarding, but for any scenario. Covid challenged many businesses to change how they operate and disperse information through the ranks. Assigning a Journey to users is a way to deliver instructions, documents, and videos for important items such as policy changes. Another example would be for the life event of marriage. HR will require the user to complete several updates within the system and Journeys can provide the checklist with direct links to personal information, benefits, emergency contact information, and bank account/direct deposit routing.

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An important thing to know about Journeys is that they can be assigned to employees (like the example I gave about changing company policies) or they can sit in a repository for an employee to find and add for themselves (like the example I gave about marriage). This functionality truly makes Journeys the one stop shop where employees can go to find direction before needing to consult HR.

On the horizon

Make sure you are on the lookout for upcoming Journeys functionality called Journeys Booster. Booster can integrate third party applications for you to use directly within the Journey itself. Oracle gave a sneak peek into a virtual room-booking application. Users can see the full visual of a building floor and can select which room they would like to book directly from the Journey. Keep in mind this is just one example of the many applications coming our way!

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Tyler Steininger

Tyler Steininger is a Solution Architect in the Oracle Cloud HCM Practice. He has 8+ years of experience in various Cloud modules, including Recruiting, Talent Management, HR Helpdesk, Learn, Employee Health & Safety, and Journeys.

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