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Oracle EDM Expands to Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management

A big benefit of Oracle EDM (Enterprise Data Management) is all of the pre-built application types contained within the solution. These application types greatly decrease the development time required by customers during EDM projects. Properties, validations, and exports are provided out-of-the-box with these application types. And starting with this month’s release, EDM now has a new application adapter specific for Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management!


Edm Epcm Appreg

When registering an EPCM application using the adapter, the following objects are automatically created:

  • An application properties such as alias tables, multi-currency codes, and optional connection settings for direct integration
  • One default view with all registered dimensions
  • For each dimension, the following are created and bound to the dimension:
    • One node type with all of the application specific properties.
    • One hierarchy set using the node type for both parent and child.
    • One node set that points to the hierarchy set.
    • One viewpoint that points to the node set.
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Additionally, the following validations are auto-configured:

Edm Epcm Validations

Registering an EPCM application also automatically creates the PCM_CLC and PCM_REP cubes. As well as the Account and Entity dimensions. However, these can be deleted in the registration if they are not applicable. Custom cubes and dimensions can easily be added in their place.


Lastly, prebuilt properties in the table below are automatically created for an EPCM application:

Edm Epcm Props

As you can see –  most, if not all, of the objects are provided by the new application type. With this in mind, there is no reason why EPCM customers should not consider the value that EDM would provide. For organizations with multiple EPM applications including EPCM, EDM is truly a must-have application to ensure dimension governance & integrity is intact.

Thoughts on “Oracle EDM Expands to Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management”

  1. With new EPCM application in EDMCS.

    After creating and importing meta data, can we import other repository data (like views, hierarchies sets, Node sets, Node Types, Lookup sets, requests)

    Can you help to share details on the possibilities instead of doing manually for each and use existing PCM artifacts to import into EPCM?

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Steve Bogner, Project Manager

Steve Bogner is Project Manager with 15+ years experience within Perficient’s Corporate Performance Management practice. He is certified in several technologies including Oracle Data Relationship Management and Oracle Enterprise Data Management. He is constantly striving to ensure successful experiences with CPM technologies for his clients.

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