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2022 Modern Healthcare Survey Recognizes Perficient as 4th-Largest Healthcare IT Consulting Firm

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We’re excited to announce that Perficient has been ranked the fourth-largest healthcare IT consulting firm in Modern Healthcare’s 2022 survey, holding our 2021 placement. The annual survey ranked healthcare IT consulting firms according to 2021 provider revenue, the number of health IT contracts, and the number of healthcare IT consultants.

Transforming Healthcare and MedTech With End-to-End Digital Solutions

Consumer-driven health continues to be shaped by digital interactions happening outside of the industry. Healthcare and MedTech firms strive to meet and exceed high expectations while also operating in a strongly regulated environment that demands the ethical, secure, compliant, scalable, and fast sharing of data. Deploying the right digital strategy, services, and experiences enables payers, providers, and med device makers to meet consumers’ needs wherever they are.

We stitch together strategy, data, and technology to streamline processes that improve quality of care for in-person and virtual experiences.

Healthcare Icon Navigate Your North Star Strategy

Navigate Your North Star Strategy: Our healthcare strategists help you tackle your specific challenges through assessments, best practice advice, strategy, and roadmaps

Healthcare Icon Elevate Health Digitally

Elevate Health, Digitally: Our digital health experts build strategies and solutions to transform healthcare delivery, improve patient engagement, and solve inefficiencies.

Healthcare Icon Deliver Fully Integrated Experiences

Deliver Fully Integrated Experiences: Interoperability and integration are driving healthcare’s future. Confidently navigate regulatory requirements and consumer trends spurring these investments.

Healthcare Icon Harness Data For Growth

Harness Data for Growth: Break down silos and put data, analytics, and technology to work in ways that boost your competitive edge.

Healthcare Icon Reach And Engage Consumers

Reach and Engage Consumers: Healthcare marketing is changing. Together, we’ll set the pace for enduring consumer relationships built on intelligence and trust.

Healthcare Icon Execute For Outcomes

Execute for Outcomes: It takes sta​ff commitment, planning, and execution to drive ongoing success. Extend your team with our experts, and optimize with agile where you need it most.

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Optimized, Agile Strategy and Development for Payers, Providers, and MedTech

Healthcare must strike a balance between the directives to reduce healthcare costs and consumers’ expectations for a more seamless, personalized care experience. These challenges are driving interest in agile, high-impact, lower-cost digital transformation solutions.

Our flexible global delivery model offers healthcare and MedTech leaders reliable, value-driven flexibility through domestic, near-shore, off-shore, and agile multi-shore support. Successful global delivery engagement can be challenging. We champion Optimized Global Delivery as an approach to help lower delivery costs and maintain high quality. When executed properly, it is a powerful model for systems and software development, testing, and support. Nearshore software development, in particular, presents a cost-effective solution to this accelerated need for innovation in healthcare.

With more than 20 years of deep industry experience, Perficient is a trusted end-to-end digital provider delivering award-winning digital technology solutions. For more information about Perficient’s healthcare and life sciences expertise, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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