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Perficient’s Houston Giving Team Collects Gifts for Children in Need

The Houston Giving Team.

It’s safe to say our colleagues around the globe are committed to giving back to the communities in which they live and work. So much so, that we even have a dedicated Perficient Giving Employee Resource Group, which aims to make an individual and collective impact on the world. From volunteering at local food banks, teaching the next generation of AI leaders, or collectively raising over $10,000 for animals in need, you can count on our colleagues to make an impact in their communities.

Now, it’s time to shine a light on our Houston team, who made an impact this Holiday season by collecting over 70 gifts for 12 children who are currently fostered at the DePelchin Children Center in Houston.

How it Started

Earlier in the year, John Latham, Managing Director of Houston Operations, noticed an opportunity within his team. An opportunity for Houston-area colleagues to come together for the greater good. So, he founded The Houston Giving Team. With a common goal of creating positive impacts within their community, members have already begun to make strides.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the team knew that they wanted to support the DePelchin Children Center. Which supports and sustains children along with the families who care for them. Their mission provides comprehensive services focused on ensuring all children are part of safe, caring homes.

Every year, DePelchin brings the Houston community together with their annual “Holiday Project.” This impactful project is the Center’s effort to provide holiday gifts and many basic needs items to the children in their care across Texas.

That said, The Houston giving team quickly got to work. May Adebayo, Houston Giving Team Leader, describes this initiative as “…the perfect fit to get all hands-on deck in a simple, yet meaningful way.” Their goal, to collect gifts and other important everyday items for 12 children in need that we’ve sponsored this holiday season.

How They Did It

The team set up a gift registry on Amazon, which listed over 70 items that our sponsored children wished for. Items ranged from shoes, jackets, and toys that would surely brighten their day! The Houston Giving Team began to spread the word on this initiative. Soon, the items that our sponsored children asked for, were all fulfilled.

The Impact They Made

Once the gifts began to pour in, the team was able to give our 12 sponsored children 5-7 items each. Totaling over 70 items, the team was in awe of the support from fellow Houston colleagues coming together for this cause. Now, these children will have a memorable holiday season thanks to The Houston Giving team.

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When asking Megan Murphy, Houston Giving Team Member, “why do you feel it’s important to get involved in initiatives like this that give back to the community?” Her response: “Even the simplest thing such as purchasing a small gift can make a huge impact on an individual’s life. It’s important to take these opportunities of servant leadership. Giving has a ripple effect throughout the entire community. The more involvement we have, the larger our impact becomes…”

As we look to the future, we can’t wait to see what this group accomplishes next. As for all of our Perficient colleagues around the globe, we’re excited to see what we can accomplish together.

Special thanks to May Adebayo, Andres Gonzalez, Davis Allen, John Latham, Luis Mandujano, Megan Murphy and Robert Sumner for making this event a reality.


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