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Educate… Incubate… Innovate…

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Our WiT group planned an all-new event this November to encourage, educate and explore more about the role of women in technology.

The guest speakers were Pavithra Vasudevan and Shubanjali Sharma (Directors of Women Who Code, Chennai Chapter)

Key Takeaways:

  • The success rate of Women in Top Positions of companies has increased from 10% in 2016 to 33% in 2022.
  • We need to encourage ourselves to make things better.
  • Knowing one’s strengths and understanding the importance of upskilling helps create own identity
  • Overcome the unconscious bias. Be it gender or any other misconceptions we have.
  • Confidence plays a key role in competence. Working on self-improvement makes way for higher success
  • Women should build a constructive network to fit themselves in the dynamically changing industry. A stronger network paves the way to explore more opportunities
  • Choosing your mentor wisely helps your career or life advancement with proper advice or strategies. Mentors motivate and coach people in the right direction.
  • Men ally support progress and can make a great impact on the career growth
  • Innovation is an evolving process, and it needs exploration. Explore and innovate new ideas, and concepts to keep the ball rolling.
  • GOAL – Grab Opportunities And Learn. Be vigilant in the things coming your way and quickly grab them in this competitive world. Get effective feedback from mentors to validate your choice.

Climbing up the ladder together and breaking the barriers leads to a healthier environment and a win-win for everyone.

WWCode is an inclusive community where events are intended to inspire women in technology careers. You can be associated as a presenter, facilitator, or an audience. Click to join the group. WWCode Chennai


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Kavitha Vasudevan

Kavitha Vasudevan serves as a Lead Technical Consultant based out of Chennai, TN, India and is a proud member of WiT-ERG.

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