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Cognos Analytics with Watson AI

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Cognos Analytics with Watson AI

Do you wish to have insights of your business data and obtain predictions on future performance based on your data? The new Cognos Watson powered BI solution can help you do it.

It can help connecting to data sources, clean the data and provide some stunning Visualizations.

The new Cognos is AI driven that will give information based on algorithms. It will also help you to build data model and prediction-based modelling design. Collaboration platform gives an edge to the team members and users to communicate in an efficient way. Through content sharing option teams can easily share their work, and they will be able to communicate in an efficient way.

With new Cognos Watson BI solution, you can achieve interactive dashboards and enterprise reports that will allow the companies to make informed decisions on strategic issues.

Cognos Key Features:

  1. Data Modelling – Cognos has built in data connectors to drive and connect with your data effortlessly. You can accelerate data prep with AI.
  2. Data preparation – Cognos AI engine gives a flexibility to clean and prepare your data from multiple sources. Cognos Analytics, makes easy the discovering of related tables by highlighting the most important fields for you and then automatically create a relationship between tables.
  3. Watson AI – New Cognos framework is AI enabled it detects the patterns correlation from the complex data. Watson AI offers a uniform experience to the users where they can perform various activity suggested by AI.
  4. Visualizations & Reporting – You can create ad hoc reporting and dynamic dashboard easily. It has multiple features within the Cognos environment where user can share their work via email or slack. Reporting gives the edge to drill down the information which helps the user with decision making.

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Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

With some guidance, you can craft a data platform that is right for your organization’s needs and gets the most return from your data capital.

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Team Capabilities:

Multiethnic Group Of People Planning Ideas

The India offshore GDC Team members who have been using Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Domo got themselves skilled up in Cognos and have successfully started delivering reports and dashboards for one of the major Insurance clients.

Our core competency is in building Interactive reports & dashboard creation with clean data insights through charts. We are evolving with the way BI is transforming and Collaboration and sharing ideas have been the key success factors for our team.

We setup an agile process so that team can easily communicate, have a healthy onshore and offshore collaboration, be transparent with our queries and effort, get feedbacks, reviews and show the progress every week, which has positively reflected on the product.



Cognos AI tool can help organization for better decision making due to its multitasking ability, content sharing, ability to create complex multi-page layout and multiple exports formats. It can give you high performance data access. Cognos AI can help you to build data design. Cognos comes with various packages where you can embed HTML pages, layouts and contents. Cognos Bi integrates Data Modelling, Data Preparation, Content sharing and Visualizations/ Reporting in one Web-Based solution.
If you are looking for building a Cognos based solution, we are happy to help you out.



Thoughts on “Cognos Analytics with Watson AI”

  1. Good read Akshay.
    So the team has moved easily from PowerBI/Tableau to Cognos & delivered required reports.

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Akshay Chindaliya

A highly driven business intelligence developer with 5 years of experience. Strong understanding of SQL and relational databases. Experienced in creating complex dashboards using Tableau, Power-BI and Cognos with particular experience in multiple domain. I am responsible for understanding business requirements and planning solutions to address data needs and developing, designing, and maintaining the dashboards.

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