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Perficient Interviewed for Forrester Report on DXP Best Practices

In September of this year, Perficient’s DXP experts were interviewed for the Forrester report Understanding The Architect Of Your Digital Experience Platform. In the report, Forrester covers how ‘Digital leaders must recalibrate their understanding of digital experience platforms to make the right decisions about building and evolving them’. Read on to learn a bit more about our perspective at Perficient related to this most recent report.

How to Get Started on your DXP Journey- Cultures of Doing Work

Approaching your DXP system might look like a ‘camp building’ versus a ‘camp buying’ mentality. Buying implies you must buy many different parts and stitch them together.

Anyone that expects that the product will do everything right out of the box is likely to be disappointed- that’s not the way these systems work. Creating a content authoring experience and a content management discipline and approach are pillars of success from inception. The way you integrate things into that system will make content operations easier or harder. Systems do very little out of the box without a significant amount of expertise in how you deliver, maintain, operationalize, etc. Adobe had foresight to this mentality with their compossible DXP, it was simply not branded that way initially. This ability to calibrate allows for you to think in terms of evolution to said platform that is being leveraged and adjusted as deemed by an everchanging business landscape. You can then deploy focused teams who are working at a common architecture.

A Firm Foundation

Whether you are just starting your DXP journey, have already started, are looking to rationalize your decisions, or have implemented in one area and are looking to scale across BUs, establishing a firm foundation is paramount. Robert Sumner, Principal, Adobe Digital Marketing at Perficient, believes establishing a COE and making that the center of your implementation is difficult. “The Center of Excellence is the entryway into the platform. Reminding people of that as an advocate and finding ways to promote your COE need to be top of mind in your DXP journey,” notes Sumner. Adoption and usage of the artifacts within your COE are your best bet at building a firm foundation. Leveraging your COE will allow you not only to embrace chaos but also allow you to properly navigate a stormy sea.

Embracing the Chaos

Jay Jackson, Director, Digital Marketing Architects at Perficient agrees that chaos isn’t always bad. “There is a human element that we try and embrace when challenges are presented. We are confident that there are plans and procedures through high levels of execution that allow us to embrace uncomfortableness,” says Jay.

In the report, Forrester uses the analogy of traffic in Denver vs. Chicago vs. New York stating, “Chaos doesn’t always hurt you…so long as the rules are consistent, predictable, and understood by everybody on your team.” Someone visiting one of these cities might be overwhelmed by the buzz of cars and people, an all-consuming sea of movement. A local can see that there is consistency and predictability even in those levels of chaos. Resiliency and adaptability, as a mindset, allows teams to adjust based on various industry needs, regulations, product changes, workforce changes, etc. All of these things being inputs that reconstitute and adapt your COE.

Why Perficient for your DXP Project?

Perficient has delivery experience spanning 4,000+ projects across 65 industries, and 1000+ global resources in North American, Eastern Europe, India and Latin America. Our portfolio of clients includes many large global brands and a great mix of Fortune 2000 companies. We are proud of our reputation for being outcome driven, responsive, and nimble.

We are ready to help you build your DXP priorities and establish a roadmap for the future. We encourage organizations, no matter where they are in their journey, to work with an experienced consultancy. We are top-tier partners with market-leading platforms Adobe, Sitecore, Acquia and Optimizely, and have the highest level of platform specific certifications.

Get in touch with one of our experts to further discuss how Perficient can help you with your DX project.


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Nicole Onate

Nicole Onate is a Marketing Manager at Perficient. As a part of the Partner Marketing team, she is aligned with and supports the Adobe practice. With 6 years of experience in the consulting world covering a myriad of industries including insurance, retail, and digital marketing experiences, she hopes to deliver knowledge that helps corporations and individuals share their stories.

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