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Meet Marketing Cloud Personalization

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With the Marketing Cloud Winter ’23 release, Salesforce officially rebranded their Interaction Studio tool (AGAIN) to be known henceforth as Marketing Cloud Personalization.

Although it’s been two years since Salesforce first acquired Evergage and rebranded the tool, it’s always been pretty common to hear people say things like “Interaction Studio (formerly known as Evergage).”

So why the name change yet again?

If you aren’t familiar with the Marketing Cloud’s Personalization tool, the new name certainly helps make it easier to understand what this product is delivering. But just in case, here’s a quick introduction.

What is Marketing Cloud Personalization?

Over 70% of consumers expect brands to provide some form of personalization. Providing a 1:1 experience for your customers, regardless of industry, is now a crucial part of your brand’s marketing strategy.

And Marketing Cloud Personalization is Salesforce’s best in class solution.

It tracks customer behavior across multiple touchpoints, such as website, mobile, email; it even tracks in-person customer behavior. MC Personalization then turns all of that first party data into a single, unified profile for each one of your customers.

The tool’s Einstein AI recommendations takes all of that data and uses it to provide a unique experience tailored (or personalized) to each individual’s affinities.

So much data already exists in the world, and there will only be more data available in the future. With the death of third-party cookies, sources of first-party data like this are even more powerful.

Since it is a Salesforce product, it has a native connection with the Salesforce Customer Data Platform and the CRM. Like most of Salesforce’s products, MCP offers a lot out-of-the-box functionality that you can configure with a few clicks, but it is more code heavy than some of their other products.

You will require some foundational setup to begin using MC Personalization. Having a robust metadata strategy and knowing which KPIs to measure will go a long way towards setting you up for success. So, make sure you have a good team in place and check out Salesforce’s use case library if you need a little inspiration.

Marketing Cloud Personalization is an excellent tool for providing users with the personalized experience that they expect today. Just don’t be surprised if you hear people saying “Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly known as Interaction Studio)” for next 6 months or so.

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