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Boundless Digital Invention from the New Optimizely

Opticon Optimizely Conference 2022

Optimizely’s annual conference, Opticon, has come to an end. These three days were an incredible time to meet fellow Optimizers, customers, and digital transformation experts. Approximately 1,000 attendees from around the world came together to learn about the future of digital content creation, commerce, experimentation, and customer data intelligence.

Having worked with Optimizely for over 10 years, my colleagues and I were excited to learn how the “new” Optimizely would come together as one large digital experience platform (DXP) after acquiring five various companies. While these acquisitions happened over a year ago, this was the first Optimizely conference in over three years due to Covid-19. With that being said, it was perfect timing for this amazing conference in San Diego.

At Opticon, Optimizely demonstrated how they are turning the chaos of managing marketing, content, and commerce workflows into an orchestration of collaborative teamwork, improving time to market and driving proven ROI strategies. It was impressive to see how they are laser-focused on streamlining the complexity of delivering exceptional digital experiences across many teams, in any size business. These new solutions apply to every step of your organization including product, content creation, and development teams.

Boundless Digital Invention

Optimizely’s chief executive officer, Alex Atzberger, outlined the complexities holding brands back from achieving higher outcomes. Here, he introduced Boundless Digital Invention – a new way for digital leaders to improve outcomes such as increased revenue, the lower total cost of ownership, and decreased customer acquisition costs.

“At Optimizely, we unleash brand potential as the world’s only DXP designed to help reinvent how marketing works. With Boundless Digital Invention, marketers can orchestrate, monetize, and experiment at every point,” Atzberger said during the session. “By removing complexities and barriers, brands can drive business success with boundless possibilities and infinite outcomes.”

What does this mean for Optimizely customers and partners?

Having acquired several different companies, Optimizely’s customers likely had questions. It’s understandable to be confused about the function of each solution and which products will stick after numerous changes in the industry. To address this, Optimizely announced that they will position their products into three solutions: Orchestrate, Monetize and Experiment. This unified positioning is a great step in the right direction to clear up any confusion and also outlines how the products will all work together. This strategic direction provides a great way for enterprises to adapt to their specific industries. Some businesses may start by platforming their CMS or commerce systems while other organizations may be looking to add experimentation to their existing tech stack to accelerate the growth of their KPIs.

These include:

  1. Orchestrate
    Transforms the way your team plans, creates, and publishes content, and accelerates time-to-market. The products under this solution set include:

    1. Content Management (CMS)
      • You need to expedite content delivery in the face of changing needs and limited resources. Whether you want to easily stand up and reuse content on any channel or use one platform to store and manage it all.
    2. Content Marketing (CMP) – previously called Welcome
      • Content Marketing brings teams together on a single platform to share plans, collaborate on assets and flawlessly execute campaigns.
    3. Digital Asset Management (DAM)
      • Save time, eliminate waste and govern your brand with Library—a digital asset management tool built for marketing content.
  2. Monetize
    Deliver modern, relevant, commerce experiences your customers will love, and maximize revenue growth. The product under this solution set includes:

    1. B2B Commerce
      • This was built for businesses so you can easily provide a buying experience your customers will love. Personalize experiences with data-driven recommendations and give your team the tools they need to drive revenue with built-in workflows.
    2. B2C Commerce
      • This is a complete suite for digital commerce and content management that uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences, individualized search rankings, and product recommendations.
  3. Experiment
    Empower your team to test and gather insights that optimize experiences, reduce risk, and drive business results. The products under this solution set include:

    1. Web Experimentation (and Personalization)
      • Let customer sentiment drive your decision-making and eliminate the need to guess what will convert.
    2. Feature Experimentation – previously called Full Stack
      • Innovate your whole product lifecycle with higher-quality releases, safer tests, and faster feature validations.

Optimizely Product Branding

Real-Time Segmentation

Optimizely describes Real-Time Segmentation to integrate across all Optimizely products and leverages “fresh data” to reflect the true state of an audience. This approach eliminates data refresh intervals that often result in delayed customer insight. Using a streaming and on-demand approach that enables extremely low data latency, customer data is guaranteed to be of the moment. The Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) will connect the solutions together and deploy Real-Time Segmentation.

What else was announced?

Optimizely Partner Of Year AwardThe announcements did not stop there. In fact, several sessions covered the upcoming roadmaps for each of the different products and solutions. We will cover more sneak previews of what else Optimizely is working on in future blog posts.

One thing was clear, Optimizely clearly continues to listen to its customers and adapt its solutions to real customer needs and business problems to be solved. It’s wonderful to see this company come together with great employees and we are always happy to partner with them.

In fact, Perficient was honored with the award for Solution Partner of the Year. The annual awards program celebrates and highlights the partners who make huge strides to go above and beyond in accelerating digital transformation for customers. The Solution Partner of the Year award honors Perficient as a top-performing partner that has demonstrated outstanding business performance and excellence in both sales and delivery of Optimizely solutions.

If you have questions or want to learn how your organization can utilize Optimizely, get in touch with Perficient today.

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