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Dreamforce ’22 – What Part Can We Play in Reaching Health Equity?

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In late September, our team attended Salesforce’s largest conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco. For many attendees, it was the first time in three years that they were able to gather in person with peers and clients. During the three-day conference, 40,000 Salesforce partners, clients, and vendors got together to hear from Salesforce leadership, industry experts, and a handful of celebrities, as well as get hands-on experience with Salesforce platforms.

As the HLS industry lead of our Salesforce business unit, I want to share some of the key learnings from Dreamforce that highlight Salesforce’s commitment to unlocking health equity by using technology and data.

Despite advances in the industry, significant healthcare disparities still exist based on an individual’s demographic, geographic, financial, language, and health literacy situation. These factors lead to ineffective or inefficient care, inappropriate or underutilized use of services, access and adherence challenges, and more. And these disparities are costing the US big bucks: an estimated $320B is lost in healthcare spending each year due to breakdowns within our system.

Through technology and data, we not only have an opportunity to solve this divide together, but a responsibility to. With Salesforce’s unique solutions to meet patients’ needs, we have the privilege of playing a role in helping patients get the care they need when they need it.

To achieve this, Salesforce is focusing on three strategic areas:

  1. Automation to reduce tasks, giving more time back to providers to spend with their patients
  2. Personalized patient experience
  3. Engagement across all healthcare channels

Consistent with other sessions at Dreamforce this year, Salesforce Genie was a key theme of the HLS keynote session. Salesforce Genie for Health was announced as the primary solution to progressing Salesforce’s industry offerings going forward. Genie has the power to ingest and store real-time data streams from multiple sources at a massive scale in order to optimize the care journey – both for patients and those playing a role in care delivery.

Payers and providers are often overwhelmed by the volume of data that exists within their organization, but also blocked by being able to stitch it together in an accurate, meaningful, and timely way. Genie solves for that, opening a world of possibilities when it comes to experience and engagement. One example is unified health scoring, a feature of Genie that allows for the unification of clinical and non-clinical data to identify next-best actions and opportunities for intervention. A care coordinator’s work queue can be configured to flag high-risk patients based on this scoring, linking coordinators to the patient’s profile with a view of their status in different categories, as well as suggestions for proactively arranging additional support, such as transportation.

Salesforce also announced a new virtual care offering and program for Advanced Therapy Management, which works to solve the challenge that medical therapies have evolved faster than care teams can keep up with, leaving opportunities on the table for getting patients into these programs.

This solution is intended to address bottlenecks and bring more patients into advanced therapies faster. With Slack and MuleSoft integration, the program improves collaboration and transparency so patients can be efficiently enrolled in a therapy program and scheduled for their appointments, shortening time to treatment with a single platform solution. The value of this, for patients that in many cases are critically ill, cannot be underestimated.

Our Perficient team is always evolving alongside Salesforce’s offerings, ramping up knowledge in real-time to bring these solutions to clients. We’re eager to work with you to evaluate Salesforce Genie for Health and how real-time data can impact health outcomes for your organization. It’s our responsibility to leverage the power that lies within these solutions in order to improve the health of those we serve.

You can learn more about current payer and provider industry trends and business outcomes here.

Interested in More Dreamforce ’22 Content?

If you weren’t able to attend Dreamforce in person, stay tuned as we bring “Dreamforce In Your City” events to key regions, including Denver, Atlanta, and Dallas. If you’re interested in hearing more key takeaways and announcements from Dreamforce at these events, reach out to Adam D’Alton to register.

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