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Perficient’s Solution for Legacy Child Welfare Systems

Father And Daughter

The Challenge

Our children are our most precious resource and protecting them from neglect or abuse is of paramount concern. Child welfare caseworkers have the responsibility to work with this most vulnerable population and improve the outcomes for these children through in-home services where possible, or out-of-home services, foster care, or adoption where necessary for the wellbeing and safety of the child.  There is an enormous administrative burden that accompanies these tasks, and caseworkers should not be burdened with cumbersome processes, mountains of paperwork or rigid and antiquated technology.  Instead, caseworkers should be freed to focus on what is important: improving the lives of the children involved with their Agency and enabling better outcomes.


Perficient’s Approach

Perficient’s strategy enables child welfare caseworkers to streamline their case-related tasks and eliminate repetitive data entry, cumbersome processes and outdated ways of managing services for their Families. Our Accelerators for Child Welfare and Health and Human Services allow State and County organizations to build flexible and extensible solutions that can enforce a consistent Model of Practice but can also easily adapt to variations in a County-administered environment or inevitable legislative changes to Child Welfare mandates that occur over time.

Perficient brings together a unified cohesive view of data gathered throughout the Child Welfare case management process to provide the right data to the right person at the right time.

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by accessing data from all Modules throughout the Life of the Case
  • Provide intuitive and consistent caseworker experience across Modules
  • Provide robust mobile device experience with disconnected capabilities when caseworkers are in the field and without internet service
  • Leverage microservices a flexible Modular Approach
  • Easily integrate with Federal, State or Local systems for bi-directional data exchange and reporting
  • 360 View of Case Data allows caseworkers to efficiently find the information they need or make updates

Perficient works closely with state and local officials and agencies to ensure that the needs of the caseworkers are paramount and that the solution is compliant and consistent with State-level practices. The Child Welfare team should never have to compromise or need to modify a process to fit into a rigid technical solution.

Perficient creates a seamless user experience for the caseworker and their constituents across the organization by uniting case management, a comprehensive data model, API management, and content, all on a modern cloud-based platform.  Flexible architecture allows your organization to grow and evolves easily updating business rules to add new features with a minimum of effort.


About Perficient

Perficient provides expertise on digital services to governmental agencies; working with federal, state, and local government entities to drive digital transformation using low-code platforms and methodologies to ensure user/customer experience, improve data visibility, and adopt digital process automation.


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Kevin Roberdeau

Kevin is a Delivery Director with Perficient’s Automation team. He collaborates with customers to leverage low-code/no-code solutions, Robotic Process Automation, machine learning, and other Intelligent Automation capabilities to achieve business goals. He has over twenty-five years of experience in healthcare, finance, state government, insurance, and other industries.

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