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What’s New and Cool? Oracle Compensation HCM Cloud release 22D

Oh no, my computer is updating!  What will happen?  For those dreaded software changes, many users do not want these forced updates.  However, Oracle Cloud formally updates on a quarterly basis with many features that are optional while some are mandatory.  All in all, the quarterly changes further enhance the Oracle Cloud Compensation module.  These features can evolve from customer feedback via voting in Cloud Customer Connect Oracle CCC or general improvements through product development.  From an Oracle Cloud Compensation perspective, there are many updates related to the upcoming 4th Quarterly release during 2022, also known as “22D” (see the complete list 22D Oracle Updates).  Here are my top 5 compensation updates for 22D that I find interesting and useful.

5 Eye-Catching Updates in 22D for Compensation

1. Much easier interface for setup tasks

I am very excited about this one! When looking at each row related to the worksheet tasks (such as Foundation, Budget, Worksheet and Models/Reports), the user interface was a guessing game with all of the excessive white space between the left and right sides.  Problem solved!  It is now all on the left side with hyperlinks to the next page.

New Setup Tasks

2. Option to update Grade Step

This is now incorporated into the Workforce Compensation cycle when starting or updating! You can choose this option and even enable these as columns on the compensation worksheet: grade ladder, grade step and proposed grade step.  Great information for managers when assessing allocations.

New Grade Step

3. Deep link for Compensation Landing page

Now you can copy a link that will work externally and take the user right to the Compensation Landing page without all of the extra clicks (though don’t forget my last blog on shortcuts that also reduces unnecessary clicks Oracle Compensation Shortcuts). Nice feature that puts the spotlight back on the Compensation Landing page for tasks such as demos.

4. Individual Worker Display and Market Composites

I don’t generally use Individual Worker Display or Market details for new Oracle users but it’s harder to ignore these days with so much cool information that you now can configure/display. This page is available when clicking the worker name as a hyperlink on the compensation worksheet.  And with new Oracle advancements for Market data, you can now show details such as 10th, 25th, 50th and 90th percentiles related to the worker’s annual salary, bonus and stock shares along with any target.  Nifty context for the total salary picture!

New Market Composites

5. Compensation Zones and Range Differential Grade Rates for OTBI

With the advancement of compensation zones, you can now pull these details for workers when creating an OTBI report. These are new folders within the Compensation Salary History or Salary Details.  And this also applies to the Range Differential Grade Rates.

Go ahead and share any exciting Oracle Cloud 22D changes for compensation in the comment section below.  Let’s learn together!

Contact us to modernize your Compensation tools with Oracle Cloud HCM.  Or even tweak your existing Oracle Cloud HCM configuration for compensation.

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Patrick Coffey is the Leader of the Oracle HCM Practice. He has 20 years of overall experience in both Oracle Cloud HCM and Corporate HR, such as Compensation, Recruiting and Talent Management.

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