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Don’t Miss Perficient and Adobe’s Virtual Women in Digital Panel!

Women in Digital

An Exciting Opportunity to Hear from Women in Your Industry

Earlier this year a Women in Digital Panel was hosted in honor of International Women’s Day. In this session, topics ranging from career paths to prioritizing the next wave of business strategies to leadership approaches in hybrid work environments were covered. With excitement, Kim Williams-Czopek, Director of Digital Strategy at Perficient and panel moderator, shared that she left this conversation with so many takeaways that were applicable to all, no matter their current career stage.

Kim’s sentiments are a true testimony to the experience that Perficient aims to create via these panel discussions. No matter where you are in your career, we hope that you will take the time to hear what your peers are saying. Vulnerability through the sharing of experiences has proved to be such a powerful part of these semi-annual events. With anticipation building for this year’s approaching October panel, focusing on business experiences, we look forward to hearing from executives from Adobe, CVS, and Nationwide. And we are pleased to announce the return of Morgan Pressel as moderator!

A Legacy

Since 2017, Adobe and Perficient have proudly hosted Women in Digital events that serve to connect and empower women in digital and technology roles.
During the semi-annual panel discussions, leaders share insights and career tips, encouraging one another to leave competition at the door and lift each other up the ladder. Conversations focus on accelerating the advancement and growth of women and showing them that one of the most powerful tools they have is each other.

Register via the link below!

Women in Digital Tickets, Wed, Oct 12, 2022 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite

Each registration will result in a $20 donation from Perficient split between Pink Ribbon Girls and the Morgan Pressel Foundation.

Female Panelists


We look forward to seeing you on October 12th 11 AM EST for our panel discussion followed by some time for questions.

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Nicole Onate

Nicole Onate is a Marketing Manager at Perficient. As a part of the Partner Marketing team, she is aligned with and supports the Adobe practice. With 6 years of experience in the consulting world covering a myriad of industries including insurance, retail, and digital marketing experiences, she hopes to deliver knowledge that helps corporations and individuals share their stories.

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