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Empathy, Transparency, and Accountability in Healthcare: The “Trust Trend”

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The ‘Trust Trend’ has gained momentum over the last several years, with more healthcare organizations recognizing the importance of empathy, transparency, and accountability in building trust with their audiences across the lifecycle. If you are looking to identify and action trust levers that matter most to your audience, consider these four activities that will drive trust with your organization across your audience’s journey.

1. Map the Journey

Drilling deep into the audience journey helps to uncover key moments of influence that can be leveraged to move audiences along their unique path from awareness to loyalty. Before you begin your next journey map, check out our best practices for planning healthcare journey maps.

2. Simplify the Experience

By identifying pain points and audience needs, organizations can work through their processes through the audience’s eyes, streamlining and optimizing the experience through a mix of training, technology, and self-service tools.

3. Enhance Soft Skill Training

Organizations are discovering the power of soft-skills for audience facing roles. Teaching empathy, listening skills, questioning strategies, and more can help to build relationships, delight customers, and increase trust. A recent study by Boston University, Harvard University, and Ross School of Business (U of Michigan) study found that soft-skills can produce a 256% return on investment. Don’t underestimate the power of empathy!

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4. Create Transparency

Transparency and open communication helps demonstrate to your audiences that their interests are your priority, you are authentic, and you deliver on your promises. Self-service tools, messaging functionality, contact center training, and a culture of responsiveness and responsibility are all areas to explore for increasing customer-centric transparency.

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Marlana Voerster

Marlana Voerster is a Senior Healthcare Strategist at Perficient, where she works with providers and MedTech, pharma, and digital health organizations to build brand loyalty and enhance the patient experience through customer-centric digital experiences.

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