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New OneStream and Informatica Alliance Manager: Juliette Collins

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At Perficient, it’s our people who make a difference, and we’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our team. Meet OneStream and Informatica Partner Alliance Manager, Juliette Collins!

With over twenty years of sales and relationship management experience, Juliette is using her expertise to build meaningful bonds and drive even bigger, better Perficient partnerships.

So, I sat down with our latest team member to gain insight as to what her vision is for this new role.

What is your overall goal as the new OneStream Alliance Lead? How do you plan to achieve that goal?

Juliette: The overall goal is to pave the way for new and add on revenue for both Perficient and the partners I manage. To do that, I need to build, nurture and support relationships along the way. My goal is to educate both Perficient sellers and partner contacts on what a successful partnership offers and expand on the thoughts and ideas that are available from the experts on both sides, making sure that I’m connecting the dots along the way.

What is your main responsibility within this role?

Juliette: My role is to create and execute a go to market strategy with my partners and to support events, campaigns. activities and marketing efforts that brand us together and make Perficient the go-to partner. Create, execute, support. The trifecta.

How do you plan to promote Perficient and our partnerships with OneStream and Informatica?

Juliette: Shout it from the rooftops! I plan to educate people on the outrageous value of OneStream as the CPM platform for the Office of Finance. OneStream can transform the office of the CFO to the point where it’s been life changing, freeing people to leave the office on time or to take time off. The power of Perficient and OneStream make a difference to the quality of the environment that people in the Office of Finance are working in. Sharing these ideas with Perficient about the transformation that OneStream brings to the Office of Finance is my top priority.

What are you most excited about as the new OneStream Alliance Manager?

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Juliette: The opportunities. The opportunity for growth right now is limitless. Being a OneStream diamond partner already positions us as a trusted, successful partner in that ecosystem. What’s next is continuing to grow that relationship from east to west, north to south, and potentially globally. It’s exciting to know that I can drive the energy and revenue growth by supporting our team in their efforts to implement OneStream.

Do you have any advice for our consultants and sellers?

Juliette: The fortune is in the follow up.

It’s important to remember to go back to sales 101, to the basics, to the beginning. I’m there to support those efforts when looking at a potential opportunity or discussing a deal or needing to gather information to reply to someone. I want to support the follow up and make sure that we do what we’re saying we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it. That’s how we earn the respect to be the first call that someone’s going to make. That’s how we earn the opportunity to be at the table. Together, we have a lot to do, let’s get some time on the calendar to get it done.

About Our OneStream Practice

Perficient is a OneStream Diamond Partner and Authorized Training provider. We help companies of today become the companies of tomorrow by implementing the next-generation capabilities of OneStream.

Perficient has more than 20 years of experience delivering Corporate Performance Management solutions. Our CPM Practice includes an advisory services capability focused on optimizing financial business processes while aligning workflows and technology to best practices.

We have successfully delivered more than 1500 projects for leading brands across multiple industries.

Read more about our OneStream partnership.

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