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Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly: Advancing Personalization in Healthcare

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Context changes quickly in the digital world, which makes true optimization a continuous, automated process of testing and refining the ideal mix for each consumer in every context, adapting as new data arrives. You don’t have to jump into the deep end of personalization right away – nor should you. Instead, we recommend you first test the waters by delivering basic personalization and gradually advancing it as more data is acquired and analyzed.

Crawl, Walk, Run, and Fly are the phases along the personalization spectrum, and there are numerous platforms that we support with capabilities that align with each of these phases. Tools within these platforms will help you advance your personalization strategy from contextual to journey-based.

The 4 Phases of the Personalization Spectrum

Crawl: In this first stage of the spectrum, you should provide contextual and persona-based personalization, which allows you to present content based on location, device type, and site history. Leverage tools that help you create content easily and determine the content to display.

Walk: Once you are consistently delivering contextual and persona-based personalization, you are ready to Walk by expanding your strategy to include behavioral-based personalization. This should include creating segments and delivering content and product recommendations to those targeted segments, as well as conducting rules-based targeting, A/B testing, and multivariate testing

Run: When you are ready to Run, you’re ready to update content based on seasonality, demographics, or even short-term environmental changes (e.g., weather or time of day). You can leverage ML models to determine the right content to present to an individual based on current trends/ratings and how similar individuals have responded. Additionally, collaborative filtering algorithms can be used to drive engagement and conversions. The author defines a category of content, such as messaging, related articles, or videos, and tests different algorithms such as popularity, past behavior, or recently viewed.

Fly: By the time you’re ready to Fly, you’re ready to dive into deep personalization that’s behavioral or journey-based. This means dynamically creating segments with access to first-second-and third-party data in one location, personalizing by segments based on content or offers you want to deliver, and using lookalike modeling to build and apply personalized experiences based on common traits of individuals or segments.

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Learn more about personalization in healthcare

Healthcare consumers have high expectations for a personalized (or at least a relevant) experience, but many healthcare organizations struggle with delivering it. This is especially difficult with the need to avoid invasiveness and inherent data bias towards the social determinants of health that could perpetuate inequities. A powerful digital foundation gives you the ability to personalize experiences and more.

While your organization may not yet deliver deeply personalized experiences, the potential is there. Partnering with a digital consultancy that specializes in healthcare solutions will help you reach that potential. Our experienced and award-winning team will not only help you implement the solution but also create a strategy to align the people and processes to embrace it.

Gain step-by-step guidance on how to overcome challenges, expand use cases, comply with regulations, combat bias in AI and ML models, successfully implement/execute/grow strategies, and use CDP/CRM/DXP to deliver personalized experiences through our interactive guide.

GET THE GUIDE: Personalize Your Healthcare Marketing: Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly

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