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Strategy – The Real Driver behind Your Content and Commerce Approach

The term “strategy” can often come off daunting for many people, but in reality, it’s the opposite of daunting. In fact, it’s really quite opportunistic, especially for your company. Your strategy is the foundational piece you need to develop to ensure that your technology, processes, and objectives are aligned to meet customer needs and mature as a company.

Episode #7: The Importance of Strategy in Content and Commerce

In this episode, Karie Daudt, Director of Commerce Strategy, and Kim Williams-Czopeck, Director of Digital Strategy, discuss why manufacturers must focus their efforts on building out a strategy that meets every business objective and customer need, and how it applies to your content and commerce approach.

You’ll learn more about:

  • The difference between strategy and execution
  • How strategy applies to content and commerce
  • Good customer experience starts with a good employee experience

What you can expect to see next

If you thought this blog post was exciting, then stay tuned for the rest of our content and commerce blog series. We’ll share our exciting content and commerce video series so you can learn more about what our experts at Perficient offer to help you with your content and commerce approach. Until the next installation, check out our content and commerce content hub.

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Marit Sosnoff

Marit Sosnoff is a Marketing Coordinator on the Platforms and Technology pillar at Perficient. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, taking walks, and discovering new places.

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