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A Telehealth Adoption Success Story: Supporting Nurses and Improving Resident Care

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Nurse burnout from long hours and insufficient support, residents in need of care after-hours, and residents prone to hospital readmission – these are just a few of the challenges retirement housing organizations are facing today.

The power of a fully implemented telehealth solution can lighten the load on providers facing challenges like these. Our large skilled nursing facility (SNF) client recognized their need for a telehealth solution, but they needed a strategic plan to implement the platform and ensure successful adoption.

A Playbook for Telehealth Implementation

The retirement housing organization partnered with our team of subject matter, clinical, and change management experts to create a consolidated playbook for telehealth implementation that assists with launch activities at each of its SNF locations. The repeatable playbook standardized the implementation with consistent processes, protocols, and workflows to ensure daily adoption of the telehealth platform. The playbook also included a strategic communication plan, success metrics, improvement recommendations, and continued launch support.

The playbook improved telehealth adoption, accelerating time-to-care. Increased telehealth adoption also helped reduce physician and nurse burnout by enabling them with immediate clinical support, easing their workloads, and supporting their work-life balance. After our playbook and standardization work:

  • The number of telehealth consults increased from just five per month to more than 60.
  • The client’s hospital readmission rate decreased from 28% to 9%, surpassing its goal of 11%.
  • the treat-in-place rate for all telehealth consults across the company averaged 91%.

READ THE FULL SUCCESS STORY: Supporting Nurses and Improving Resident Care With Telehealth

Digital Health Solutions

With Perficient’s expertise in life scienceshealthcare, and digital health services, we equipped one of the largest not-for-profit retirement housing organizations in the United States with a solution that reimagined their care experience.

Have questions? We help healthcare organizations navigate healthcare strategy and transformation, consumer experience, and solution integration and implementation. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your specific needs and goals.

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Cassidy Rimmey

Cassidy Rimmey is a Marketing Coordinator in the healthcare industry at Perficient.

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