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Commerce Director’s Thought Leadership Featured in Forbes Article

Perficient’s Director of Commerce Strategy, Justin Racine, was recently featured in the Forbes article, “Creating An Amazing Customer Experience On A Budget” by Shep Hyken. Hyken’s piece, which references Racine’s recent CMSWire contribution piece, emphasizes the struggle to provide the same customer experience despite obstacles such as employment issues, supply chain problems, or other causes that affect a company’s budget

These instances can be unfortunate and impact the kind of experience you provide to your customer, thereby leading to a possible lack of customer loyalty. These times of distress lead businesses to consider what options are available to them.

Side Stepping in Troubling Times

Hyken points to Racine’s article, where Racine explains why he chose to substitute cheap beer, like Keystone Light, in college after not having enough means to buy something nice, like a Stella Artois. However, it was still important to Racine to have the entire college experience with his friends, and though it may have been with a cheaper option, the experience he and his friends shared was unwavering.

He makes a point that while there are many options when facing disruption, substitution allows businesses the opportunity to quickly and efficiently sidestep. This means you’re embracing the change to move forward with a new opportunity and strategy to keep your company running and end-users satisfied in uncertain times.

Why This is Important Now

Hyken concludes by listing ideas for what you or other businesses could do to produce adequate substitutions for the customer’s experience as the next steps, emphasizing one of Racine’s main points – disruption breeds customer experience opportunity. When your current climate is reduced, throw yourself into the unknown and shift your approach. You might find an answer you didn’t know was there before.

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