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Life at Perficient

Amie Delaney’s Work Speaks for Itself


Perficient values our people, and this means cultivating a culture that challenges and champions everyone. This is brought to life in our People Promise. The effects of this dynamic and collaborative work environment can be felt in the seamless solutions we deliver to our clients.

Amie Delaney, a technical architect, has the opportunity to hone her technical and management skills while working from home. The opportunity to work remotely allows her to spend more time with her family, while also being able to work with large companies across the world. Continue reading to learn more about Amie’s milestone moments at Perficient, advice for new colleagues, and more.

How do you explain your job to family, friends, or children?

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I find this a lot easier to do now than when I first started as a software developer. Before, people thought I was a web designer, so I would explain using package tracking sites and what had to happen behind the scenes to keep it accurate. Now, most people use some sort of software daily, so I try to find common ground and compare my work to a system they’re familiar with.

Have you had any milestone moments at Perficient?

Before joining Perficient as a technical consultant, I took a two-year hiatus from development to study management and project management. When I joined Perficient, I was able to catch up on new technologies. In my second project, I had the opportunity to work remotely with the Denver team on a much larger-scale client and software infrastructure than I’d worked with previously. Throughout my time on that project, I received outstanding feedback and reviews, which meant my work for this global brand spoke for itself and I didn’t need to be onsite or have personal relationships for my work to be successful.

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What advice would you give to colleagues who are starting their career with Perficient?

Work hard, learn what you can, and work with a sense of urgency. I suggest setting daily goals and making sure they’re accomplished. Also, asking questions is a good thing, but ensure you also try to figure things out on your own and embrace your creativity.

Why did you choose Perficient? What keeps you here?

I chose Perficient so I could get back into coding and work from home. What keeps me here is having the opportunity to work with companies that are larger than the ones here in rural Louisiana.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I’m passionate about my family. I have 13- and 15-year-old daughters who are growing into intelligent, fun, and talented little ladies. One is into dance, makeup, fashion, and singing and recently made her school dance team. The other is in high school and doing it all. We spend a lot of family time bouncing from activity to activity, but I have an amazing, supportive husband who cooks and makes me drinks.


It’s no secret our success is because of our people. No matter the technology or time zone, our colleagues are committed to delivering innovative, end-to-end digital solutions for the world’s biggest brands, and we bring a collaborative spirit to every interaction. We’re always seeking the best and brightest to work with us. Join our team and experience a culture that challenges, champions, and celebrates our people.

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