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Salesforce Launches NFT Cloud

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Salesforce has launched a cloud-based service for the sale and creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The first version of NFT Cloud was released in a limited pilot in mid-June at the Salesforce Connections conference in Chicago. Later this year, anticipated to be in October, Salesforce will make the product available to the public.

This product represents Salesforce’s initial entry into blockchain technology. It is a component of the Commerce Cloud suite and allows customers to sell NFTs on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor reportedly wanted a platform that artists could use to create NFT content and release it on a marketplace. Adam Caplan, Salesforce’s Senior Vice President of emerging technology, explained said that the software targets brands who want to drive engagement and provide their customers with special event access via NFTs rather than sell works of art.

While NFTs are digital pictures/collectibles employing blockchain technology to prove ownership, there have been several scandals that put doubt in both developers’ and owners’ minds.

In May, news reports circulated online that scammers had been impersonating reporters on Twitter. The scam allegedly involved thieves impersonating members of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collective, along with the Okay Bears NFT community, which has upward of 150,000 followers on Twitter, to steal usernames and passwords to obtain NFT ownership.

Salesforce’s NFT service has prioritized its security features to help combat fraud and help instill confidence in those looking to purchase NFTs. Salesforce noted that the pilot will provide sellers and purchasers with validated smart contract templates as well as fraud prevention measures such as the ability to stop assets and wallets. In addition, Salesforce’s customers can host branded marketplaces on their own sites while Salesforce handles the backend and authentication, enabling the delivery of a more secure checkout experience.


While NFTs are a relatively new tool for companies to leverage as they engage with clients, Perficient is a proud Salesforce consulting partner with a proven track record for quality, measured customer satisfaction with clients, and 3,500+ successful engagements under our belt. Perficient has experts at integrating the right cloud technologies together to increase productivity, reduce costs, optimize business processes and innovation, and increase engagement by digitally transforming the employee, partner, and customer experience.

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