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The 3 Methods to Personalization in Healthcare

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far

As the pandemic has solidified digital health’s role in meeting customer’s needs, they expect a better and more personalized experience. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of digital marketing leaders continue to struggle with delivering personalized experiences to their customers, according to Gartner. Despite this difficulty, compliant personalization is a “must” in healthcare.

It’s been shown to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts by improving the patient and member experience. With a more holistic view of your consumers that’s backed by a solid technology platform and reliable data, you can create, test, and optimize experiences to drive better outcomes and greater healthcare value.

Here are the methods to achieve this:


Rules-based personalization uses logic-based rules to determine the content or functionality that is delivered to an individual user. For example, you can set rules based on the IP address or physical location of your visitors, the keywords they use to reach your site, their mobile device, or the goals they achieve on your website to determine the content displayed.

  • Manual process
  • Leverages known factors
  • Requires targeting capabilities


Automated personalization leverages ML algorithms and predictive models to determine which rules to execute for any given user. By evaluating an individual user’s behavior and profile and matching that against historical trends and best practices, automated personalization can dynamically adapt the content shown to visitors in real time.

  • Automated process
  • Requires sufficient data
  • Requires advanced segmentation


Cognitive personalization is an advanced method of creating and delivering customer-focused experiences. It uses AI focused on reasoning and understanding to provide insight-driven recommendations and conversational experiences.

  • Enhanced process
  • Leverages natural language processing
  • Requires training

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Learn more about which method is right for you

Healthcare consumers have high expectations for a personalized (or at least a relevant) experience, but many healthcare organizations struggle with delivering it. This is especially difficult with the need to avoid invasiveness and inherent data bias towards the social determinants of health that could perpetuate inequities. A powerful digital foundation gives you the ability to personalize experiences.

While your organization may not yet deliver deeply personalized experiences, the potential is there. Partnering with a digital consultancy that specializes in healthcare solutions will help you reach that potential. Our experienced and award-winning team will not only help you implement the solution but also create a strategy to align the people and processes to embrace it.

Gain step-by-step guidance on how to overcome challenges, expand use cases, comply with regulations, combat bias in AI and ML models, successfully implement/execute/grow strategies, and use CDP/CRM/DXP to deliver personalized experiences through our interactive guide.

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Cassidy Rimmey

Cassidy Rimmey is a Marketing Coordinator in the healthcare industry at Perficient.

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