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Colleagues and Consultants Turn Farmers for the Summer

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U plant, U pick! The Michigan PRFT culture committee recently rented a plot of land at the Greenmead Community Gardens in Livonia, and some enthusiastic colleagues have been tending to it by tilling, planting, weeding, and watering. Of course, one needn’t be a green thumb to join; anyone who can spell – plant 😊, can volunteer at the garden. It is a quick drive to the garden as it’s just about two miles from the Livonia office, so you can head over before or after work!

It is a great opportunity for the novices to learn from avid gardeners or those without space to have a shot at gardening on land instead of containers. You are more than welcome to stop by our plot and participate (Bonus –  you can bring your friends and family too – a wonderful ‘farm-to-table’ experience if you want to initiate your kids to gardening or learn about plants!!) If you are interested in visiting and/or joining our gardening team, please reach out to Amy Becker ( for a parking pass and you will be all set!

While the garden has just started to take shape, I hope we’ll be harvesting fresh produce in a few weeks. We have planted a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers! Look at the pictures of our garden and see if you can guess what we’ve grown so far. Stay tuned to this space for more updates! Happy Summer!!

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