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What Successful Customer Obsession Should Be Like in Your Company

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Obsession is often misconstrued in many forms, but when it comes to your customers, it’s seen as a competitive advantage that helps your organization develop personalized content for your buyers. It can also help your business to curate customer journeys so focused on the customer that you’ll never feel as though you’re missing the mark in meeting the expectations of your target audience.

Episode #5: Become the Customer-Obsessed Organization with Content and Commerce

Karie Daudt, Director of Commerce Strategy, and Keith Wolf, Director of Digital Strategy, discuss what it takes to gain a proper understanding of who your customer is and figure out their obstacles and gaps in their buying journeys so you can implement the right opportunities to solve these issues.

In this session, you’ll learn more about:

  • What it means to be a “customer-obsessed” organization
  • Creating a solid understanding of your customer
  • Executing with content and commerce

What you can expect to see next

If you thought this blog post was exciting, then stay tuned for the rest of our content and commerce blog series. We’ll share our exciting content and commerce video series so you can learn more about what our experts at Perficient offer to help you with your content and commerce approach. Until the next installation, check out our content and commerce content hub.

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