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A Contact Center Success Story: Driving Value Through Better Experiences

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Patient centric operations are top-of-mind in healthcare organizations (HCOs). HCOs must prioritize, protect, and continuously improve the customer experience to achieve member satisfaction and retention.

Our payer client believed they could achieve this necessary improvement by assessing contact center agent knowledge. So, we partnered with the payor to identify actionable ways to drive greater operational value through its contact center.

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Improving contact center experiences to enhance customer and agent satisfaction and retention

To begin our work, we conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis to help our client understand how its knowledge measurement efforts compare to other leading organizations. Once we achieved this foundational understanding, our subject matter experts conducted workshops and interview sessions to gather insights from key stakeholders. We also mapped out a full view of the payor’s KPIs and began tracking a training mastery score. With a better understanding of competition, stakeholders, and metrics, we identified and supported five priority recommendations.

Our recommendations helped the client confidently change how its metrics, training, and processes are approached for call center enablement. The training mastery score is a leading indicator of contact center advocates’ performance, confidence, and knowledge to improve the member experience and agent attrition. We helped the client reimagine its third-party contact center as a vital leader in delivering on the brand promise.

“We continue to work with our call center partners to more closely replicate the experience delivered by our employed agents through enhanced training. We’re also focused on service level agreements aimed at improving the quality of the sales experience and ultimately the customer satisfaction and retention. As part of this work, we have developed new computer-based training modules for our call center agents that focus on behaviors linked to customer complaints. While still early, we are pleased to have seen a decrease in complaints to CMS year over year.” – Chief Executive Officer, Top 5 Health Insurer

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Healthcare Contact Center Solutions

With Perficient’s expertise in life scienceshealthcare, customer experience solutions, and management consulting services, we equipped one of the largest health insurers in the United States with  a solution that reimagined the client’s approach to its contact center to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Have questions? We help healthcare organizations navigate healthcare strategy and transformation, data and analytics, and solution integration and implementation. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your specific needs and goals.

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Cassidy Rimmey

Cassidy Rimmey is a Marketing Coordinator in the healthcare industry at Perficient.

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