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[Podcast] What If You Didn’t Need to Be (or Even Beat) Amazon?

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In this episode, Jim talks with Novella Green, Director of Digital and Customer Experience at the American Nurses Association about digitally supporting and advocating for nurses throughout the COVID19 pandemic, as well using what you have; how to educate leadership on the ‘why’s of a digital business; and how to sustain energy for digital transformations across the organization.  

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Meet our Guest


Novella New (1)

Novella Green is the Director of Digital and Customer Experience of the American Nurses Association. Her role includes overseeing the process of conceptualizing, implementing, and evaluating digital marketing, content marketing, and paid social strategies for the association’s general website, blog site, and ecommerce website. In addition, she liaises with senior leadership, stakeholders, and internal teams to ensure that the company’s marketing support structure is driving the business forward with minimal expenditures.

Meet the Hosts

Meet Host Jim 2022 (1)

Jim Hertzfeld is Principal and Chief Digital Strategist for Perficient. He works with clients to convert market insights into real-world digital products and customer experiences that actually grow their business.

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Meet Host Kim 2022 (1)

Kim Williams-Czopek is a Director of Digital Strategy at Perficient. She works with clients to devise digital experience strategies and how to translate strategies to tactics. She specializes in digital commerce, digital product development, user research and testing strategies, and digital responsibility.

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