Financial Transformation in Healthcare With OneStream [Webinar]

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Leading healthcare organizations are presented with opportunities to meet an accelerated demand for services being driven by a rise in health consumerism, the need to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, increased cost pressures, and alternative reimbursement models. These healthcare organizations are undergoing Finance transformation and utilizing technology to bridge the gap. 

Join us to hear how leading healthcare companies, with Perficient’s help, have overcome common financial challenges that hindered their ability to meet these opportunities.

Discussion will include:

  • Inflexible, non-driver-based planning models
  • Lack of ability to report by department and/or service line
  • Difficulty linking annual plans to strategic plans for different business areas
  • Managing consolidation and close processes across various acquired entities
  • Lack of integration between workforce and financial planning

Additionally, Dave Collins from OneStream will provide live demonstration of a new OneStream healthcare solution that addresses common payer and provider challenges with planning, analysis, and reporting.

If you are unable to attend this event, but would like to be informed when the on-demand recording is available, register today and you will be sent that link.

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Susan Welton

Susan Welton is a Senior Marketing Manager at Perficient.

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