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The Perfect Storm: Where to Begin in Your Content and Commerce Approach

Discussing content and commerce

It’s easy to think of content and commerce as the technology you chose to gain successful results for your business. But our complex digital landscape is evolving, and it’s no longer only about which platform or technology you leverage. It’s now about understanding that content and commerce is an intricate approach that drives revenue and customer satisfaction through your people, business, and technology.

Episode #1: From Chaos to Clarity: The Truth of Content and Commerce

Our experts Karie Daudt, Director of Commerce Strategy, Beth Duerr, Commerce Strategy Consultant, and Solutions Architect, Bob Kennedy, discuss why and how organizations must look inward to determine if they are internally prepared to properly provide buyers with the answers and options they need to make the right purchasing decisions.

In this session, you’ll also learn more about:

  • Why content and commerce should be understood as a single concept
  • The importance of business support and buy-in
  • Evaluating which technology to leverage as your first step in a commerce and content initiative

Watch the episode below:

What you can expect to see next

If you thought this blog post was exciting, then stay tuned for the rest of our content and commerce blog series. We’ll share our exciting content and commerce video series so you can learn more about what our experts at Perficient offer to help you with your content and commerce approach. Until the next installation, check out our content and commerce content hub.

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